Misfit – Capture Our Soul [Viper Recordings]

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Tunes

Viper Recordings are back with their annual contribution to the Drum and Bass world with loads of exciting new music and producers. Its rumored that Viper has a secret underground laboratory where they cultivate and grow some of the most talented newcomers into the scenes best, however there is no official word on the whereabouts or existence of such location. Over the years there is no denying the powerhouse label is responsible for some of the most explosive tunes on the planet. This time around is no different. Newcomer ” Misfit ”  slaying from New Zealand has her debut single on this years annual release.

Taking a look at her tune ” Capture Our Soul ” in review. The tune starts out with ethereal and euphoric synths creating a hefty amount of energy right out of the gate with full time percussion ticking along with a snapping pluck. In the background the sounds of chopped female vocal samples saying ” We live for the music , ” we die for our music ” A sentiment which holds dearly to alot of the drum and bass scene. The percussion ramps up into the drop as a fury of out of this world main leads bombard themselves straight into the soundscape with a billowing and grooving bassline backing it up with a joyful presence in background FX. Full arena vibes strike up the hairs on your arms as the beat goes on.

Overall this is banging start to the year by Misfit! i look forward to seeing what she has in store for the future and i suggest you watch that space aswell! with skills like you are certainly going to be hearing about her in the coming years!

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