Mister Shifter – Nowhere Fast [Lightless Recordings]

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Tunes

To start of 2016, I am lucky enough to do a review of the first solo release of an old friend, Jack Sheets AKA Mister Shifter. 18 years ago we used to work together selling urban and club clothing and blasting “New Forms” from Roni Size and Repreznet and “The Prototype Years” compilation CD. I think there were some old AWOL tapes in there too for good measure. He even sold me his copy of Warhead back then so I could play it at a party I was DJing. He then went on to join forces with Mike Richards under the name Random Movement and release some genre defining classics (“Stars In The Dark” anyone?) along the way. About 8 years ago he decided to take some time off and focused on DJing and other interests in life.

In late 2014 he started feeling that itch again so he busted out Abelton and got back into it. The first project he started was “Nowhere Fast”. Once Fanu took a listen he scooped it up for the mighty Lightless Recordings, and it is now seeing the light of the day on the much anticipated A NEW TRIBE LP. “Nowhere Fast” is full of airy atmospherics, haunting keys, and beautifully edited amens and drums reminiscent of Source Direct and classic Dropin’ Science. If this is a signs of things to come from Mister Shifter, Drum and Bass is for sure in for some amazing music in the near future! Its worth noting that the whole LP is worth the money, and there is also an album promo mix by Mister Shifter as well if you are in need of a clinic of how to program a set like a professional.

Keep up with all things Mister Shifter on his website: http://www.mistershiftermusic.com/

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