Mizo & AnatomiX – Dozen of Noise [Beryllium Audio]

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Tunes

Mizo & Anatomix step out and flex their audio prowess with┬áBeryllium Audio’s “Shadow Madness 3”. The Ep features 3 tunes all geared to do different jobs. The release is dynamic and a solid play through all around. My favorite cut “Dozen Of Noise” is a proper bass chugging dance floor bomb.

The tune opens with an ominous soundscape. A trickling synth skips across the landscape as more stabs and percussion lead you into the first dance section. The bassline bends as it drops you headfirst in port chuggston. Morphing subtleties in the bassline really communicates finesse in the production of the tune. Synths wave and whip through the mid range layer. Straight forward drums and percussion drives “Dozen Of Noise” forward creating more tension and dance floor pressure throughout the rest of the track.


Mizo & Anatomix are welcome new comers to my tracklists. Their latest harder tracks have been consistent and heavy through and though. Keep a close on these newly established NeuroFunk assassins as the best is surely yet to come.

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