Mizo – ‘Hellhound/Mechanical Paw’ [Neuropunk Records]

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Tunes

Russian based DJ and producer Mizo has been quickly climbing the ranks in the neurofunk drum and bass scene turning heads with his intense diversity pumping out top quality tunes full of deep, complex beats and heavy neuro style. With prior releases gaining attention on Blackout and Eatbrain he’s already created an impressive library spanning several EP’s with his latest ‘Black Mirror EP’ that dropped on Cause4Concern earlier this year. Mizo is maintaining the momentum back in a frenzy this time on Neuropunk Records with two beastly tracks “Hellhound” and “Mechanical Paw”.

“Hellhound” is aptly named, a monster of a tune entering on high alert gripping control as the mind is taken on an imaginative journey into the most vicious composition of neurofunk drum and bass. The suspense is peaked from the start as a siren wails in warning and a mechanical growl breaks through, heart rate rises and the chase is on! With a savage bounce “Hellhound” is oozing with energy in hot pursuit ready to maul the crowd, chomping and tearing them to bits as the basslines twist and tug pummeling deep beneath the highs running at full force in a terrifying attempt to escape the fury. Clever basslines, precisely placed FX and clean snares make “Hellhound” stand out in the mix and it’s sure to make the floor sweat trying to withstand this beast that Mizo has born.

“Mechanical Paw” is a feisty accompaniment to this release, forceful and moody it asserts authority in the mix commanding immediate attention of the floor driving in from all angles. A dynamic, mutant, mechanical intro vigorously drives to the drop with a bold display of dominance as vocal snippets such as ‘this is my kingdom’ and ‘somebody step’ tightly grip the crowd in confidence of the complete carnage about to ensue. Grimy robotic basslines grind sinisterly beneath a resilient, bossy beat; determined to attack from every which way. I think it’s safe to say the arrogant aura of “Mechanical Paw” is a perfect match for the feisty, domineering nature of this tune.

Mizo is on a serious mission to blaze his path through neurofunk drum and bass. As one of the fresher faces in the scene he’s making quick moves and pumping out quality tunes pushing the limits, chasing the dream and dedicated to conquering the next level time and time again. “Hellhound” and “Mechanical Paw” are two more solid displays of his crushing ‘wipe the floor’ style of neurofunk design and it’s only just the beginning for Mizo. Neurofunk fans eagerly await what’s to come!

Grab your copies of “Hellhound” and “Mechanical Paw” out now on Neuropunk Records


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