Mizo – Icy Wyrm EP [Eatbrain]


Mizo has been on a roll (pun intended) with releases. While spaced out from each other, each release has been a home run. From the blistering Black Mirror EP of C4C Recordings to his Hellhound/Mechanical Paw single off Neuropunk Recordings, Mizo has cemented himself as a household name for all neurofunk connoisseurs. After a year since his smashing Dust Devil EP, Mizo returns to Eatbrain to blast us with the Icy Wyrm EP.

Starting with the titanic title track, Icy Wyrm sets the pace for the EP. Starting the thunderous brass and drums to set the stage, the build-up quickly brings in heavy modulate bass. Mizo lets you know that he won’t stop, with his characteristic playful yet menacing basslines and synths. Ever switching drum patterns and basslines, this track shifts and keeps you on toes listening all the way through.

Bad Form shows off this shifting style best, starting with ominous heavy bass and cutting bars as the intro. Meaty would be the term for describing this monstrous track, from the modulated bass shifting to the rapid-fire reese bass. Peppered throughout the track is Mizo’s characteristic synths that add an almost maniacal feel to it when combined with the heavy bass and heart-pounding drums. You will need to check your pressure after this one.

Intergalactic is pristine though in its own way. After her stellar vocal work on Tobax’s track Seized MomentHELO lends her powerful voice yet again for some Eatbrain flare. With breaks and an immense atmosphere, HELO’s voice soars throughout the intro. This sets the bed for Mizo’s destructive bass and shifting drums, which dominate the meat of the track. All of this synergizes together to make a track with all the euphoria of a dancefloor track with the intricate mutated basslines of neurofunk in a spectacular fashion.

To close out this icy themed EP, we turn to the heat of Desert Trail. Starting with a very Arabian/Indian theme, the intro slowly brings in traditional Indian instruments like tabla and haunting vocals. The closing track of the EP fits as it is the most diverse of what Mizo brings to the table. Starting with blistering breakbeat madness before going to face-paced drums, all with heavily modulate bass mixing with the haunting vocals.

Despite being named after an Ice Dragon, the Icy Wyrm is a goddamn inferno of neruofunk goodness. Mizo has once again topped himself, and I cannot wait for the next EP to come to the mind of this brilliant producer.


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