Mizo – Venomous, Take out [Neuropunk Records]


Hello and heads up! Today we present Mizo‘s latest EP on Neuropunk Records. Titled Venomous, Take Out. Bringing out the big guns on this one Mizo’s showing serious skills at laying down the bass. Since back in 2017 going solo taking a step from Gydra he’s definitely been putting in work. Releasing on labels such as Eatbrain and Cause 4 Concern. Rising step by meticulous step to make himself known for nasty NeuroFunk. Getting better by every track put out, he’s proving to be one to watch for on almost all labels releasing NeuroFunk these days. And he’s not showing signs of stopping any time soon.

The first track Venomous is a heavy one. An atmosphere lined with highspeed breaks and percussion leads us into a short bass build and into a massive drop. The bass goes back and forth with an extended rise then into dirty chopped bass phrasing. High end synths and mid bass are bright and impeccable. And only gets heavier after a rhythmic synth break. The next track offered is Take out. Starting off with a bass melody followed by vocal samples and thumping kick build. Then launching us into a rolling bass line with the intro melody. Driving drums continue the vibe with highs following in suit with the bass. This EP was released on the 15th of this month and is available on multiple platforms here.


About Author

I am a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer based in Laredo TX. Looking to spread the vibe to people who love Drum and Bass music. I've been inspired by the likes of 90's alternative rock and Electronic music and have been DJ/Producing since 2019. soundcloud.com/d34d_b34t