MNDSCP ‘Gnar EP’ [Eatbrain]

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

MNDSCP returns to Eatbrain once again and there’s no question about it the ‘Gnar EP’ is next level funk! Bringing seriously radical bassy vibes on this one MNDSCP drives through the wild side with this three track smasher of a release. Let’s dive right in to the ‘Gnar EP’.


A somber intro cries through the darkness as “Haze” conjures an eerie sensation through the build to engulf the floor as the rhythm begins to ravage the scene, twisting deviously to the drop. Boundless basslines bounce digging deep into the composition commanding control tumbling to the lowest lows as they grind with clever kicks and snippets of vocal snips to boost the vibe. “Haze” drives the low ends pummeling powerfully through the mix with an evil moodiness not to be missed!


Coming up next “Gnar” builds upon warm synths surging as the beat ticks to life. Aggressive snares are amplified by a beastly bassline and slight vocalizations that really pop in the mix. The highs spiral in, winding tightly toward the drop, animated with intensity as the tension hits its peak. The bass consumes the composition frothing and heaving as it swells and crashes, oscillating amidst punchy rhythms and radical effects that keep the blend flowing freely. A dangerous second drop makes “Gnar” stand out from the rest leaving jaws dripping on the dance floor.


Ravenous rhythms stalk the build greedily consuming attention amidst meticulous vocal dubs that are cinematically setting the scene for a bloodthirsty banger as “Flesh Eater” reanimates amidst shrill screams of despair. There’s no escaping the violent vehemence at the drop as devilishly dark bass circulates through the mix and the beats continue to devour the dance darting through the composition broken mercilessly as the bassline wobbles on. MNDSCP’s “Flesh Eater” is a graphic masterpiece of drum and bass.

The ‘Gnar EP’ is available now from MNDSCP on Eatbrain.

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