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Eatbrain keeps the neurofunk releases flowing steady and next up hitting stores July 24 is the ‘Plot Hole EP’ from MNDSCP. Full of dark and dirty vicious neurofunk vibes the ‘Plot Hole EP’ will bring out the beast in your sets and send the dance floor into a frenzy.

Kicking things off is the title track from the EP “Plot Hole”. Ominous synths lead in warping, stretching, bending and wobbling as the rhythm kicks in on the hi-hat harmonizing with the atmospheric elements as the bass breaks the scene winding up to the drop. An intricate bassline leads winding viciously among killer kicks and tight drum rolls splashed with exuberant bassy breaks to resonate that barbaric sound. MNDSCP’s “Plot Hole” is a rigorous composition packed with robotic, grungy, dark eerie vibes and will get the dance floor moving and shaking no doubt.

An ominous intro on “Cabin Fever” continues to carry the vibe through this EP building tension through the intro as the synths wisp in and billow all around engulfing the build in a ghostly haze as technical beats rise to life paired with a gruelling, grungy bassline. Met at the drop with short mutant blasts of bass blaring intensely between the bloodthirsty beats “Cabin Fever” is rough and rowdy, there’s no escaping the doom as this one crushes through the mix every time.

A mysteriously light intro on “Hardwired” quickly cascades into a ferocious rhythm with the unruly high ends demanding attention setting the tone as we blast off to the drop with a massive drum roll to initiate the launch. A brutally bouncy upbeat rhythm carries the track over broken bloodthirsty basslines that romp between long tumbling cascading drops that tunnel into the deepest depths as the high ends run rampant in a disorderly fashion standing out in even the dirtiest mix. “Hardwired” from MNDSCP is energetic, dance-able neurofunk yet still violent enough to claim a space in the heaviest of playlists for a truly savage blend.

Wrapping up the ‘Plot Hole EP’ is “Bad Batch” spiraling in over hazy highs as an intricate beat kicks in to carry through the drop. Turbulent basslines break and stretch as the energy winds up between disorderly breaks that put extra flare on the bass. Boisterous beats demand attention in “Bad Batch” layered with thick kicks and accented with heavy percussive flares to keep this one flowing like wildfire. “Bad Batch” is an all out dance floor smasher fit for any neurofunk collection.

The ‘Plot Hole EP’ from MNDSCP drops the 24th of July. Pre-Order your copy today! 


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