MNDSCP ‘Slicer EP’ [Eatbrain]


MNDSCP is back coming into 2021 tougher than ever following up the massive ‘Plot Hole EP’ released last year  with another absolute smasher of a release coming on Eatbrain about to tear into the sound waves worldwide. If you’re after thick, dense basslines, insane beats and loads of power the ‘Slicer EP’ is just what you’re looking for.

Easing through the darkness “Scavenger” crawls in stealthily quickly flipping the script as a tribal beat kicks in with force, a vicious machine revealed hunting wildly for its prey. The bass growls furiously approaching the drop as the beat turns mechanical revealing the beast. Pounding with savage intensity hefty beats blast between bouncing basslines twisting and contorting as they thump along. Clever variations changing up the rhythm keep “Scavenger” flowing between the measures packed with big breaks and total carnage to annihilate the dance floor.

Old school influences riddle the intro on “Slicer” riding in on warm synths as a hint of a jungle vibe enhances the broken beat carrying steadily through the drop with all eyes on the bass design in this track. Winding and grinding the lows set the tone as they cut through the beats breaking and twisting carving a deep, dark melody of its own. Effects scream softly in the background as “Slicer” thumps along swiftly, carving through the darkness. This one really enhances the low ends in the mix or will bring a darker vibe to your sets for sure.

Soft highs lead in airy and light bringing “Automatron” to life as wild effects echo in the distance welcoming the rhythm bouncing to life. Manic beats run wild at the drop flowing ferociously switching and changing between measures to keep the energy high. The bassline is groovy bouncing along to a funky flow of its own. The bass stands out bold as the keys rise and fall floating amidst the ravenous beats that break and bend to keep “Automatron” in full motion through the mix.

“Mask” kicks in with powerful synths wrapping around a soft beat as a deep bassline booms to break the light. Enhanced by light vocalizations the highs twinkle playfully between the massively broken deep drops in the build intensifying the moodiness of this tune. Rolling through the darkness “Mask” drops into an ultra technical array of rhythm as the low bass rumbles between the burly beats wobbling as it twists, growls and grinds. The vocalizations hum along playing in and out amidst the madness adding a delicate touch to the fury that is the “Mask”.

You can grab your copy of MNDSCP’s ‘Slicer EP’ January 22 2021 on Beatport Exclusive !

Worldwide Release February 5 2021


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