Mob Tactics ‘Beyond the Circus EP 1’ [RAM Records]

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Big buzz this week as Mob Tactics returns to RAM Records with a vengeance offering a murderous EP of epic proportions. ‘Beyond the Circus’, part one in the series, is kicking off ’23 with a BANG while leaving us anxiously awaiting the total carnage of this complete collection from one of the most renowned names in drum and bass. The scene has been seething for some new Mob Tactics and it looks like these two have quite a year lined up to fill those needs.

Part one in the ‘Beyond the Circus’ series comes in with a grip of hard hitting tunes that offer endless energy, clever sampling and a matured Mob Tactics style that is sure to satisfy tastes across the board. It’s clear this duo has been working diligently, refining their sound and showing continued growth in their artistry. It’s not dancefloor, it’s not neurofunk, it’s not jungle it’s MFKN MOB TACTICS and these two are in a league all their own!! Time to venture into the big top and see what oddities await in Mob Tactics ‘Beyond the Circus EP 1‘…


Bring on the bangers! Kicking off ‘Beyond the Circus’ in true Mob Tactics fashion, taking risks and breaking rules, “Brockout” hypes up the build with supersonic samples and sounds bubbling through the intro; the anticipation is through the roof! The drop unfolds and we are not disappointed one bit as snappy broken beats flow furiously, the bassline flipping between wicked growls and beastly blasts. Merciless melodies take their turn precisely placed with effects and vocal cuts slicing into the mix and those drum rolls are extra slick! First track on the EP and it’s clear Mob Tactics remain one of the best around with next level artistry encompassing historic energy with a big new sound as “Brockout” becomes a drum and bass anthem straight out of the gate.


Soft vocalizations sneak through the build, the highs fluttering, a cinematic vibe swirls bringing new life to the dance. Powerful chords blast in, commanding control as the drums begin to build furiously, breaking for a clever vocal clip as the drop is prepared for a devastating twist. “Escape Room” emits the most insane energy with seething drum patterns that keep the vibe high with a bassline that womps and stomps between screams of terror; there is no way out! The rhythms continue to fire unforgivingly with non-stop movement the way this track is stacked is ridiculous; it breaks and bends driving with no end straight into the abyss. Mob Tactics is back and they are not slowing down!


Keeping the momentum moving the energy hits immediately as “Murderball” kicks in with fun beats and snappy clips twisting into strong vocalizations and wild effects to ignite the mix. The build continues to grow with a powerful drum pattern and warm tones twisting into the composition, amplifying the mood with a killer groove. “Murderball” gallops into the drop with an upbeat bassline that bounces between animated beats intricately designed to emit electrifying energy as it flows relentlessly consuming the dance and controlling the mix. Mob Tactics top off “Murderball” with style and finesse utilizing creative breaks, fills and effects that really enhance the theme of this track. Once you get in there’s no looking back!


The atmosphere is thick growing suspensefully as crunchy beats crack to life punching with pristine precision. “Blink” is already tenaciously technical as it continues to thicken, clipping in quick cuts of vocals as it stutters and skips skillfully; the energy is HIGH. The drop explodes as severely broken beats bring funky flavor jazzing up the mix as they pop, hiccup and roll with phenomenal fills, the bassline bopping along keeping the bounce in flawless fashion. “Blink” offers continuous movement with incredible attention to detail twisting a nostalgic mood into an evolutionary tune as it continues to hold the groove, an incredibly fluid and snappy tune.

What will be next as Mob Tactics continues to impress stylishly leaving their mark in drum and bass and revolutionizing this sound for the generations to come? Expect more on RAM no doubt with another chapter in the ‘Beyond the Circus’ series waiting to unfold but they’re not the only imprint after these iconic Mob Tactics tracks! Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass, we’re keeping a close watch because there’s no stopping these two, Mob Tactics is on a mission!

Grab your copy of Mob Tactics ‘Beyond the Circus EP 1’ out now on RAM Records. CLICK HERE.


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