Mob Tactics – Eject EP [RAM Records]

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Tunes

Let me tell you, it is always a good day whenever I see a new release by the UK dynamic duo, Mob Tactics. The bad boys just released an absolute stomper of a 4 track EP on RAM Records. Featuring the blistering and power sounds the duo is known for, the Eject EP has some tasteful craftwork found in each track.

The best example of innovative songwriting is found with the opening track Thumper. Starting off in good fashion, the introduction has all the makings of a dance floor/nurofunkslammer. But the track swerves in the best way into a hardcore 4 on the floor stomper of a track, filled with all the drum and bass bells and whistles.

Next, we get Clipped, but do not let the name fool you, this track is anything but clipped at wings. Starting with playful synths and percussion this track gets up to 100 very quickly. With fat basslines and shifting drum patterns, this track will keep the crowd shifting with the beat.

The title track of the EP though steals the show. Starting with blistering drums and buzzy synths to set the mood, the track drops into a harrowing build. “Play….Rewind…Eject…Repeat” blares as the track builds to insanity, the likes that Mob Tactics are known to make. Blasting with heavy and complex drums, shifting basslines, and that delicious vocal hook, the last thing you will do listening to Eject is take it out of your speakers.

To close out the EP through, Bulldozer lives up to the name. With a choice Amen break sitting perfectly within a bed of synths, Bulldozer slams the EP out of the park. Blasting with pure jungle vibes with insane Neurofunk sensibilities, the fat bass, and expertly crafted drums will steamroll your speakers.

Mob Tactics proves to make another homerun of an EP, making the perfect synthesis of dancefloor laden Neurofunk and some truely interesting cuts. Make sure you grab your copy today!

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