Mob Tactics ‘Gravedigger EP’ [Eatbrain]

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I’m back once again to rave some more about Mob Tactics and their 2023 takeover of drum and bass! 🙂 Quickly following their monumental return to RAM Records with the ‘Beyond the Circus Ep 1’ this time around Mob Tactics is taking the carnage to Eatbrain for another level of bin bursting bass and in your face FUNK! The momentum is racing and Mob Tactics are back in the hot seat ravaging the scene with a tidal wave of tremendous sound in this epic release of face stomping DNB! Time to delve deep into the ‘Gravedigger EP’ from Mob Tactics on Eatbrain!


One play on the title track and there’s no turning back! An animated intro stabs in to “Gravedigger” carrying a cinematic script, the high ends teasing tenaciously toward the drop with neck snapping kicks and evil intent as the suspense is seething and there’s no escape… “IT WAS ALIVE”! A heart shattering neuro punch awaits bubbling and boiling with a barrage of cleverly arranged beats and unbelievable basslines that gurgle and chug with relentless power – the intensity is enormous! Insatiable breaks and dubby effects sprinkled with vocal cues to really amp up the hype “Gravedigger” has intoxicating energy that just doesn’t quit as it crunches and munches like a beast through the mix.


An atmospheric intro dives deep into the darkness as the narrative commands control in mind bending fashion enticing fear and thickening the anticipation in this “Mescaline Dream”. Psychoactive sampling stutters the vocals to the drop, primed to pummel the floor with a wild and danceable groove. “Mescaline Dream” offers warmth in the set carrying an electrifying snap that transcends through the phrases to the ultimate high. Spectacular detail on drum patterns and fills, boosts of bass, emphasis on effects and soft, melodic harmonies all interwound with the punchy Mob Tactics sound, clearly one of the best drum and bass production duos around! “Mescaline Dream” is a measure of madness and a staple for any set so grab it now if you haven’t yet!


Wrapping up the ‘Gravedigger EP’ tight as can be Mob Tactics brings another floor stomping monster full of non-stop action with “Straightjacket”. A malicious melody consumes the build, something menacing is lurking in the shadows waiting to attack between beastly blasts of beats and vocal cuts that amplify the mood. An expolsive drop awaits, eager to shatter the bins and slap the floor to submission as the drums slice and snap flowing unforgivingly, cut into precise patterns to bombard the dance with no room to rest. “Straightjacket” is unfiltered insanity beginning to end, literally, as the outro resonates and there is no escape as Mob Tactics leaves you pondering reality and every move you make. HAHAHAH!

Grab the ‘Gravedigger EP’ out this Friday from Mob Tactics on Eatbrain. PRE-ORDER HERE!


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