Mob Tactics “Mindhunter/Hit the Deck [Basrush Records]

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2020 has supplied consistent action from the unstoppable duo of Mob Tactics; Mark and Luke have been filling our feeds with loads of new tunes, production tutorials, live streams, Mobcasts and more to keep our lockdown LIT! Their latest release is available now from Bassrush Records and it’s a no holds barred banging pair of dynamite tracks delivered in true Mob Tactics fashion.

“Mindhunter” kicks things off with a nuclear neurofunk explosion! An extended intro heavy on the synths creates an atmosphere of suspense as the bass blasts hard and some earth shattering vocal samples come into play. The build grows monstrous as the snares kick hard “Mindhunter” is already slamming and we haven’t even hit the drop yet! An old school sample from the likes of Prodigy is just the push this track needs to flip over the edge straight into a heavy hitting, funky, groovy bouncy dance floor tool to annihilate like a machine full of clean snares, massive basslines and lively effects to synergize the energy and manipulate your mind.

Expect no less from “Hit the Deck” as it obliterates with equal velocity Mob Tactics masterfully composing another high energy, heart stopping, neuro heavy track that’s prime artillery to keep in the bag for that first set to demolish the floor after quarantine. A bit shorter on the intro it’s still set to impress as we are already bouncing through this first measures before transmitting to another dimension entirely. It’s time to get down at the drop tumbling through a tunnel of electrifying basslines over a sic drum line boasting creatively enhanced breaks amplifying the intensity with erratic effects and effective placement of vocal samples for a beautifully balanced composition. One thing is for sure these two are masters of their devices skillfully piecing together the track to keep the energy flowing with exciting twists around every measure and “Hit the Deck” is a solid selection to mash in the mix.

We here at Best Drum and Bass are anticipating just as much action for the second half of the year from Mob Tactics as they continue to pioneer new sounds molding the future of this music just as much as they have helped form the past being one of the most influential names in the game. You can always rely on top tier tunes from Mob Tactics each and every time.

Buy “Mindhunter” and “Hit the Deck” on Beatport 

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