Modu ‘Gorgon Project EP’ [Addictive Behaviour]


Smoother selections are dropping this week from Modu as part of the ‘Gorgon Project EP’ on Addictive Behaviour. If you’re on the hunt for thick tumbling basslines paired with slick amens, smooth vocals and serene liquid vibes ‘Gorgon Project EP’ has exactly what you’re looking for.

Title track “Gorgon Project” slinks in on faint, delicate pads paired with a light female vocalization as the ambience carries welcoming the rhythm to continue the build. Rumbling bass illuminates the vibe as the highs hiss to attention. Snapping off at the drop with little warning “Gorgon Project” buries us in intricate amens that flow among deep drops thundering from every angle. Heavily influenced by the old school flavor “Gorgon Project” is an ideal selection for a wicked jungle mix.

“Hometown” sways and shakes as it winds in, the percussive elements leading in over light pads and tranquil vocalizations manifesting melodic harmony as lower tones arise to inflate the build. A swooshing, liquid bassline keeps the vibes tight as the vocalization carries enhanced by solid construction of the drum line utilizing flashy flares and fills. Modu has created an enchanting ballad with the track “Hometown” perfect for an earlier set or winding town an epic evening with the power of the vocal “Hometown” will keep the dance floor feeling good in the groove.

Cutting in with a steady beat riding rhythmically as the highs frolic to and fro “Horizon Now” creates tranquillity with a silky, smooth serenade that is warm and comforting. This energy flows through the drop a lustrous composition to showcase Modu’s suave skills. An irresistible, dance friendly tune “Horizon Now” is sure to entice motion and captivate the crowd as it creates a glossy glow in the mix.

Relaxing, orchestrated melodies entwine with a steady beat dipping out for a sedative vocalization to create lucid perceptions from “Life’s too Short”. A hint of blues dangles in the air, mellow and fluid as the bass winds and tumbles beneath the mesmeric rhythm that meanders on. Crystalline composition sparks a hypnotic undertone cascading the audience into a spellbinding reflection to the inner self contemplating the happiness that comes from being on the dance floor with “Life’s too Short”.

“Music’s Prayer” wraps up the ‘Gorgon Project EP’ with style. A breezy intro plays between a twangy melody reaching into solid amens creating contrast and synergy before the drop flows. Jazzy yet furious the airy elements feather amidst the radiance from the composition of the beat. The tonal range enhances the energy but the spirit of this track lies in the jungle influenced beats leading “Music’s Prayer” into the realm of a great crossover tune hopping between genres with ease.

‘The Gorgon Project EP’ lands September 28, 2020. Pre-Order on Beatport 




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