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A sizzling single from Mojay ft. Zeph Miles is a killer track that may have flew under your radar but “Wicked & Bad” is a huge tune that you won’t want to miss! Out now on DeVice let’s dive right into it!


A punchy beat sparks the alarm grinding in on dark, moody vibes and stuttered effects to amp up the intensity as the atmosphere grows thick. A fiery beat winds up into the build with Zeph Miles’ vocal sample slicing in, the drop ready to annihilate the bins! “Wicked & Bad” rolls out with a fierce bassline squalling through the mix sure to turn heads on the floor with a vibrant rhythm keeping the tempo in a danceable groove, surging through the measures sprinkled with samples and effects pristinely placed for the ultimate effect to put this tune a cut above the rest. A tinge of an old skool vibe shines through but “Wicked & Bad” flows with its own funk keeping the room UP as it commands attention in the mix. Don’t miss Mojay’s “Wicked & Bad” it’s super sic!

Grab “Wicked & Bad” out now on DeVice ft. Zeph Miles. CLICK HERE


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