Molecular – The Computer [Delta9 Recordings]

by | Dec 20, 2020 | Tunes

This week we’re back to the other side of the pond with the boys at Delta9 Recordings. Always a paragon of the underground drum and bass scene, the label has had a number of awesome releases over the course of the year. With the horrid year of 2020 almost to an end, the label gives yet one last taste of some quality drum and bass from the Portuguese maestro Molecular.

The Computer starts off with some heavy noir vibes with a ringing synth that puts in some serious funk. Then with some crisp and punchy drums the into setups so some seriously funky sounds. The drums perfectly fit with the almost playful bass and modulation as it twists and mutates as the track carries on. All of this is perfectly assisted by the vibey keys and variation of sound, all for it to cut out for a small moment of silence before jumping back into things adding in some stellar dynamics. This is one of those tracks where you’ll find yourself grooving in no time.

Sage however keeps all the funk but with a more minimal feel towards it. Starting an intro for a space-themed thriller before quickly throwing in some groovy drums, this intro sets things up nicely for some deep sounds. And deep is where it’s at, with a more minimal feel with just some solid drum and overwhelming bass that wobbles as it grows even more buzzy. This track carries itself well before adding some organs that keep that space thriller vibe perfectly in tandem with the music. Groovy is an understatement for this track.

With the year coming to a close, Molecular shows that some of the most satisfying tunes are simple yet thoughtful. Bring in your new year with this release for sure.

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