Monday Madness with Octane Amy – @AmyOctane (4/24/2017)

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It’s not very often I get to talk about mixes here at Best Drum And Bass, at least other than my own. Probably because it’s almost a delicacy here in the states for anyone to routinely pump out mixes to show case new content or skill set. Once a year won’t do it fam. I will not be able to put my trust in your ability to deliver if you link me a mix and say “It’s kind of old but,,,”. Just stop and do yourself a favor, record a mix. Luckily my friends and I have built a foundation based around the idea of a radio station, managed and funded all by the DJs that occupy it. The ability to provide local transport in rural Tampa and very literally anyone with internet, a direct connection to some of the best in what dance music has to offer. I plan on sharing some of that talent with you as I am very proud of her and how fast she has come up in the very niche drum and bass scene we have here in the midwest. I asked Amy to talk with me in detail about her Monday afternoon radio program and here’s what she had to say..

What better way to kick off Monday Madness than with a double drop, am I right?! After a beautiful weekend full of sunshine, dnb shows, family and friends I was hyped for these 2 hours that’s for sure! I absolutely love starting my week with this radio program on Hush; they say Monday’s are better with Drum n Bass and that’s no lie! Hush FM is absolutely stacked and the chat room is always bumpin’ along with the tunes. This week was loaded with some heavy bangers if I do say so myself, (I do) and according to the chat, listeners agree. One of my current favorites is Andy C’s new tune “What Bass”. The answer is simple: THAT bass. Oh my!! I can’t get it out of my head and quite honestly it compliments many tunes very well in the mix. It’s dropping later this week.

Another favorite that I think I rinse in pretty much every set I play is Delta Heavy’s “Kill Room”. If this tune doesn’t just hit home for me I don’t know what does. As the song says ‘sometimes I can really be a monster (…surprise mother fuckers)’. I will add I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Though I’ve been active in music most of my life, I’ve only been mixing a bit over a year yet seem to be turning some heads in the local drum n bass community. To be fair, though, I have put an insane amount of hours into the short time I’ve been learning this craft and have some of the best DJs in the scene as mentors (which I am extremely thankful for).

Back to the music! This set also includes some absolute bangers from a few of my favorite producers like Drumsound and Basslinesmith’s “Cobra VIP”; dirty, dirty bass on that one! Misanthrop always comes with the absolute filth; “Drone” and the remix of Neonlight & Wintermute’s “Influx” fell nicely into the set this week. Gridlock brings some sic tracks to the dnb scene; I dig heavy metal in addition to dnb and his production style is a perfect fit for me. I love it when a producer isn’t afraid to push the boundaries a bit and add some unique flavor. Kind of like Taxman; if he doesn’t have a distinctive sound I don’t know who does. “Falling Down VIP” is part of this radio mix; loved that track the first time I heard it and still do! I hope you enjoy the sounds as much as I do putting them down.

I want to thank Amy Octane very much for allowning me to showcase one of her radio programs, a personal favourite of mine if I had to say. You catch catch her recording down below along with a tracklist and all her information to find out more about Ms. Octane!


L Plus – Serum
Counterstrike – Vitriol
Octo Pi – Bring It (VIP)
Matrix & Futurebound – Scatterbrain
Neonlight, Pythius – Tarkin
Maztek – Stompin’ (Mob Tactics Remix)
Andy C – What Bass
Gridlock, BTK – Megahertz feat Gridlock (Gridlock M.F. Mix)
Teddy Killerz – New Drums (Neonlight Remix)
Deadman, T-Phonic (Reflections VIP)
Dieselboy, Mark the Beast – Angel Dust
Turno – The Invaderz
Misanthrop – Drone
Noisia, The Upbeats – Dead Limit
Delta Heavy – Kill Room
Emperor – Control VIP
Rene Lavice – Sound Barrier
Taxman – Falling Down VIP
DC Breaks – Arcade
Dimension – Beg & Borrow
2dB – Amigia Man
Tantrum Desire – Adventure Through Space VIP
Netsky, Jauz – Higher (The Prototypes Remix)
Neonlight, Wintermute – Influx (Misanthrop Remix)
L Plus, Drumsound & Basslinesmith – Jetpack
Tantrum Desire – Genesis
L 33 – Grime All the Time
Black Sun Empire, State of Mind – Skin Crawler ft. Tiki
Subtension – Limehouse
Decimal Bass – Low
Frankee – Romana
Trei, Insomniax – Pulling Teeth
A.M.C. – Southpaw VIP
Mind Vortex – Shall We Begin
Gydra – Unhinged
The Prototypes – Electric
Loadstar – On the Wheels
Misanthrop, Stoner – Venere
DC Breaks – Vendetta
Drumsound & Basslinesmith – Thug Killer
DJ Hidden, Hostage – Corporal Punishment
Current Value, Rene Lavice – Calm the Fuck Down
Wilkinson – What
DubApe – Zero Point ft. Deafblind
Mob Tactics – Body Check

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