Monrroe – Endless Change EP [Shogun Audio]


Shogun Audio has long been one of the defining labels in DnB. Releasing key albums from the likes of Alix Perez, GLXY, Pola & Bryson, and so many more. True to their name, this is a label that always releases quality – whether its anthemic hits like Break’s remix of “Bristol” by Technimatic, the smooth liquid of Calibre’s remix of Spectrasoul’s “Away With Me,” or the heavy hitting Prolix tune “Nature of Reality”- Shogun Audio is always surprising and ahead of the game.

This holds true with their latest release Endless Change EP by Monrroe. Four tracks that span the genre and further cement both the artist and label’s repertoire of diversity. Whether you’re in the mood for some silky-smooth liquid vibes or throbbing bass lines, this release has it all.

Starting things off are the dreamy sounds of “Horizon,” featuring the vocal stylings of Jinadu.  The vocals are uplifting yet melancholic, perfectly upheld by the producers subtle use of fuzz blasts with the hypnotic chime of melodies coasting throughout the song. The rhythm itself surges forward in waves, giving a sense of floating on ripples of music.

“Faint Intention” continues the liquid vibes from the previous song. With a busy and uplifting soulful beat along with dreamy atmospherics, this is one that instantly sends the mind into introspection mode. Once the beat hits, it has just enough of a heavy tone to bring the mind back down to earth. The ethereal vocals and stabs of otherworldly effects provide new dimensions to the tune, making for an expert blend of liquid and deep styles rarely heard.

“Your Lies” flows directly from the darker tones previously toyed with. This is a brooding tune filled with simple yet hard drum patterns, thick snare snaps, and deep basslines. Employing busy hi-hats to change it up sporadically throughout the track, the rhythm is overwhelming and one that would destroy any dancefloor; this track effectively counterpoints the other lighter tracks, making for a complete journey through the genre.

Lastly, “Any Night” delivers the deep soulful liquid Shogun Audio has helped pioneer and bring to prominence. Emotive piano playing, well crafted layers of sounds, dreamy vocals, and prominent displays of the interplay between bass and drums all come together as one on this tune. It’s one of those tunes that could last for hours and you still would never want it to stop.

This is a killer release, and easily showcases why Shogun Audio has been a titan and helped establish many of the most respected names in drum and bass. Highly recommended to cop this one ASAP!!


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