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Welcome bass heads one and all! If you haven’t already heard, Monty has released yet another quality EP, the “Temptation EP,” just about a week ago and its filled with his signature deep rolling bass and phenomenal drum edits. This most recent endeavor found its way to the public through the heads at the well established, Flexout Audio.

Toulouse native, Monty, has easily become one of the most talked about newcomers to the sound that is Drum & Bass and naturally, after listening to his back catalog of releases, it’s no wonder as to why. With his recent Drum & Bass Arena nomination for 2017’s “Best Newcomer” and signings on heavyweight labels like Critical Music, 1985 Music, and Vandal Limited, Monty has clearly laid down a path for his style and sound in a big way.

This return to the Flexout imprint is for his second solo EP with the label and its already made some big waves in the community landing at #1 on Beatport’s top ten releases. The “Temptation EP” is a four-track release that captures Monty’s sound within the Flexout Audio vibe. Loaded to the brim with gritty, down and dirty beats that truly show how both parties have outdone themselves on this one. Before we jump into the tunes, be sure to grab this at the label’s Bandcamp page for a free halftime heavy hitter from the Toulouse genius.

Title track “Temptation” gets this EP going with swelling sounds of data transmissions until decoded into meticulously cut drum breaks and heavy swinging sub bass. Subtle elements such as pad synths, ever changing drum fills, and repetitious vocals constantly build energy in this minimal track that is a sure fire way to grab the ear of any listener.

Next up are the snapping snares and wobbling rhythms of “Guilty Magic” which is, without a doubt, the funkiest tune on this EP. Layered with fat rolling bass, catchy vocal samples, and simple accented distortion, “Guilty Magic” captures a groove that is one part hip-hop, one part funk, and all parts drum & bass. The only thing this track is guilty of is creating magic on any dancefloor.

“Ectoplasm” is spaced out minimal roller that creates stress and speed through precision layering of sound. Monty starts this one off slow with a notion of impending fear before opening a path where we make our hasty escape into deep basslines and a torrent of fierce drums.

Finishing of the “Temptation EP” is the pining liquid-funk of “Say To Me.” Somber atmospheric synths lead us into swaying bass, hypnotic vocals, and, once aging, masterfully crafted breaks that this Frenchman is know for. If you were only able to grab one tune from this EP “Say To Me” is the one you shouldn’t miss.

As always, keep an eye out for the heads over at Flexout Audio. Their dedication, ear for talent, and culmination of unique sound is unlike any other out there in the Drum & Bass world and while 2017 may be coming to an end, 2018 is sure to bring new and exciting endeavors from this hard working crew.

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