Mozey – Release Me feat. Jack Kaind [Emcee Recordings]

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Tunes

Over the weekend I read a great tweet from the Dom and Roland that said “Several times a second, across the world producers are worrying about their mixdown skills more than if their tune is creative, evocative of emotion and sufficiently different from anything that came before it.” While granted, not every song is going to change the world or be ground breaking, it should have at the barest minimum, have some sort of emotion to it. If it doesn’t it just ends up being like a bad laxative, it doesn’t move me.

Later this summer Emcee Recordings will be releasing a 3 track EP from Mozey entitled Destroyer Of Worlds EP. The title track is a pulsing, roller that will feel right at home in a dark, murky room full of bass bins and moving, writhing bodies in sync with its pulse. That said, the track on this ep for me is “Release Me” which features Jack Kaind. What I love about it so much is it is drum and bass track that doesn’t feel like a drum and bass track, and not in a bad way. It seems as much akin to something from Dead Can Dance as it does from a notable drum and bass stable. I would not think it odd to find this playing in a spice market in Marrakesh or on a fully loaded club system. The intro steps out striped and full of roomy reverb creating space and setting the tone for the next phase of the song. The transitional breakdown is still and purposeful to set the listeners head space for the switch. When the music returns, it is joined by the vocal styles of Jack Kaind that is as much a mantra chant, and is almost prayer like more then it is singing. There is a calm in his presentation that reinforces the lyrics of a man who has reached a point of having enough and is ready to move forward and is unapologetic about it. The music, lyrics and singing are done in such a way that is an illustration in that you do not need to over power someone to deliver a powerful and strong message. I am not sure when this one will hit the streets just yet, but please do not sleep on this EP. Your mind and body will thank you.

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