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by | Nov 15, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

As summer vanishes from our memories, here in the UK at least, we can try and keep the dream alive with a new release from D-LiQ Records, this time another one from mSdoS.

Following his last release Nightwalks on D-LiQ this new release comes in the form of a 4 track EP called Blue Islands and we’ve got a glimpse back to our favourite time of the year.

The title track, Blue Islands starts with a nice serene undertone with a nice chunky beat being filtered in to the drop.  On the drop we maintain the lovely tuneful synths but get a nice downtuned, gritty bass guitar.  As it continues through we are met with a beautiful vocal which leads us to a great sample that makes me think that’s what bubbles would sound like under the ocean.

Next up is Malpensa Terminal which has a nice chilled vibe to start with that then gives an awesome driven drum beat that ensures you’re interest is kept while a real melodic piece of music washes over you like a dreamlike symphony.  A really great track that almost seems to take inspiration from many different styles of music.

Third in the offering is Ontario Lakes which brings another wonderful sounding intro.  I’m absolutely loving the style that mSdoS is bringing to the table, it’s a great theme showing off some seriously great production techniques.  Ontario Lakes is a real quality track which has a phenomenal drum beat and some lovely bongos in the background.  I’m a sucker for a bongo!

Last but not least, the track is Rainy Road.  It starts with a chunky drum beat right from the off which is well put together and hard hitting.  On the drop there is a wicked bassline which kind of feels like it is inspired by some older West Coast Hip-Hop, especially with the piano over the top.  Just when you think it can’t improve more, there is a saxaphone piece which creeps in and takes the tune on a different direction.

What a great EP for mSdoS to return with on D-LiQ Records.  I’ve loved listening to this to review it.  Thank you!

You’ll be able to pick this release up on Friday 18th November 2022 so get your wallet ready!

Find the release here on Friday:

Have a listen to some clips too below to whet your appetite:


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