mSdoS – Liquid Foundations EP


A fresh liquid release from growing label D-LiQ Records. Having frequent releases for the last few months which bring a smooth and controlled vibe to some really chill out tunes that deserve to be heard loud and proud.

mSdoS is an artist who has released on Liquid V, GLR and Phuzion and is great at bringing you some really chilled vibes but can also tear you down with some jungle rhythms.

This single by mSdoS is a perfect example to why I’ve been going to D-LiQ Records for my liquid fix lately with side A being ‘Feel It’ bringing short snappy snares in intro and the smooth synths which come and go into your ears before the velvety bassline stirs up your senses on the drop. You can really explore your own mind listening to this tune, and then the vocals hit which provides an extra stack of melody for you which takes you into the breakdown beautifully. The second drop comes in and feels more gritty than the first with heavier hitting snares which gets you nodding your head even more.

The flip ‘Liquid Foundation’ is just as good so if you had a vinyl copy, you’d struggle to decide which plate to drop! Got a more muted bass on this one but seems to be darker and more atmospheric and then a distorted guitar sampling comes in which just sounds downright cool. Again mSdoS brings a spicier flavour to the second drop which you can really vibe to and I was glad to hear those distorted guitars coming back in for a second round.

All in all a great single and I look forward to hearing the next offering from D-LiQ Records

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