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Welcome to another insight on forthcoming releases. This is Multiplex with KNARS coming to give us Dystopia! This one is from the label Many Minds of Multi. A track that that delivers a hard hitting serving of hair raising drum and bass furiousness. Creating an ebb and flow of hooking vocals. Flattened frequencies that hit you head on as it dips and dives through a sequence of marauding atmospheric breaks. Containing vigorous neuro drops that will have you barely hanging on to your socks. A dark yet pleasantly gripping dancefloor weapon. Dystopia is the much expected outcome of a collaboration between three awesomely innovative and head turning talents of drum and bass. “We can’t wait for this one to rip up clubs and festivals worldwide” says the men who put it together.


Q & A

Q: So how did u get the name Multiplex?

A: Multiplex; As an aspiring MC from Utrecht, I began my journey under Triplex. I had to choose a name when I organized a party with my friends and needed a name for the flyer. At that time, I was working in a wood shop and working with triplex a lot, and it seemed to fit me as I already had several voices and styles, and the wood consists of several layers of thin strips of wood that make it flexible and robust.

So I started hosting sets of el maria and chillum at our party, “Evolution,” under Triplex, where I showcased my talents to the local crowds. As I gained more experience and honed my skills, my crew members and fans felt I surpassed the name, and I decided that a change was needed to represent my unique style and versatility better. So they gave me the name ‘Multiplex,’ and it immediately clicked, as the name Multiplex perfectly represented my multi-genre styles and music abilities.

On top of that, Multiplex is the Dutch name for plywood, and sound systems are made from this material; thus, it was the perfect fit for me. With this new name, I continued hosting parties and events at Utrecht Massive Crew, showcasing my unique style, hosting events, and sharing my multi- genre styles with the world.

In one short sentence, “it was given to me by the scene.”

Q: How is it to be an mc in the drum bass scene?

A: Multiplex; As an MC, you can uniquely connect with the crowd in a way that other artists don’t. By hyping up the crowd, interacting with them, and getting them involved, creating a special energy that can make a show unforgettable. D&B is a very versatile genre; I love to match that versatility by adapting my style and flow to the music and bringing something new to each show to keep my performances fresh and exciting. It’s also a collaborative genre, and as an MC, I can work closely with producers and DJs to create something truly special. This can lead to amazing live shows and memorable studio recordings.

On top of that, the scene is a close-knit community of artists and fans who are passionate about music, and I became a part of that community and got to experience the friendship and support that comes with it.

Overall, it’s an amazing experience that allows me to connect with the crowd, be versatile, and be a part of a passionate bunch of ravers. It saved my life as I was in a bad place when it all started, and I’m very grateful for the scene, especially my good friend, the mic.

When my eye spy the mic, I gotta get hype…

Q: What is it like being a vocalist in drum and bass?

A: Knars; I think Multiplex is to be praised way more as a D&B MC. He has a huge background, hosting parties for so many years. I came from a different angle: I started out as a poetry slam rapper, more philosophical and society oriented. When I started out, I thought parties were just for the sheep. But as you grow older and wiser, I felt there Is a certain cathartic element to Drum & Bass and the mosh pit that is heavily underappreciated.

It almost feels like a special ritual. Through that, I started writing more and more raps and Drum & Bass verses, talking more about frustrations and how to overcome them. Recently I’ve been diving
into writing my lyrics more personally.

I feel like I went too generic with general and frustration party songs, and I feel a personal mission to have more lyrics that really mean and say something. That can change the way you think about the world or are a real personal experience which the listener can draw strength from.

I’ve had a challenging journey with getting my son early in life and fighting custody battles in court to keep him in my life. I’ve had to move from place to place in this crazy housing market and keep my head above the water as a creative. I want to share that journey, discuss the dark side, and inspire others to overcome it.

Q: What was the focal point of inspiration for the lyrics?

A: Knars; The inspiration all started with the buildup or pre-chous I wanted to have a hyper- energetic song. Kind of inspired by Chase and Status and a song on their No More Idols album. I love it when Drum and Bass goes a bit more musically and, with a certain A-B structure, contrasts energetic vocals and the music. Pendulum does this really well arrangement-wise. So I started with those hits and lyrics. When I let Multiplex hear it, he went nuts, and we recorded some together. After that, we both wrote our own verses.

I think that Multiplex got really inspired by the Make the Utopia end line at the end of the hits. He started to write a real in-depth personal verse about how social media makes us feel more distant from our friends and loved ones, and people around us.

Funny story: My initial verse was way more bragging and boasting, tough guy talk. But when I heard Multiplex’s take on the more in-depth – societal/technology aspect – I felt inspired to rewrite it (and maybe also because Multiplex thought my first draft lines were just too audacious about claying your face with poo).

Q: Did everyone have a wide range on input and composing the song or did each have more or less a specialty in specific parts of making the track?

A: Multiplex; I had the honor to write lyrical parts for this saga about the current social media
dystopia we live in. Although there was some input on the song’s production, it was mainly lyrical for me.

A: Knars; As I mentioned, I started with the main idea for the track musically and concept-wise, but
then Multiplex really took it to another level as a lyricist and found meaning for this tune. After we
finished the whole song, we asked Joe Ford to do a mixdown for us, which made it even more

Q: What are some of the Influences that you all share if any like a common favorite producer or dj?

A: Multiplex; There is a lot that comes from me, but there are definitely influences music-wise, like Black Sun Empire, Noisia & Joe Ford, as they are titans in the neuro scene.

A: Knars; Arrangement-wise, Chase and Status and Pendulum contributed greatly to my songwriting. Sound-wise, this was more Reese inspired to like Black Sun Empire or Joe Ford’s direction. I’m also inspired by Ivy Lab, Imanu, The Caracal Project and Refracta, two guys doing amazing stuff right now. Influences from them will be heard on future projects. But I have so much music and music videos stashed right now; I can’t wait to release it all.

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