Mumblz, Death by drums- Bad influence-Dazed and Confuzed-Schedule one recordings – 10/Aug/2015

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Tunes

Anyone who has been in the scene for a minute is aware of the one like Darren Valvano Aka Mumblz and what he is capable of doing to speakers, let alone your sanity. his penchant for hard, gritty, floor stomping tunes have become a staple in rotations for over a decade. With that being said. I decided to review a tune of this well polished Ep. The tune is “bad Influence” most notable for the slight paradigm shift i heard in the tunes structure. for a man who has been putting out hard tunes almost exclusively since jump street, has grown as a producer and wound up making a tune that is every bit as dark as one would expect from his caliber, but he has pushed through and crafted a tune that has melody and motion as well, meaning this tune will be welcomed at underground venues and clubs alike. this could be due to the first time collaborative efforts of his partner on this Ep Noah Waller A.k.a Death by drums a junglist who hails from Nelson BC Canada and has been making tunes for over ten years. The two first met because Darren had been Noah’s go to guy for mix-downs and Darren truly loved his ideas, and thus the seed was planted for the fruit of which I am reviewing today.
its makes me very happy to see artist’s grow and progress further in their craft without sacrificing their core values…Big up Mumblz/Death by drumz.


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