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by | Jun 11, 2020 | Tunes

If you’re on the hunt for some serious smashing tunes here’s three recent releases packed with floor grabbing vibes spanning the sub genres of drum and bass to escalate your mix to the next level.

ChaseR ‘Pressure’ [C4C Recordings]
The latest single from ChaseR, “Pressure”, is heating things up on C4C Recordings in a big way. This release broke the top 10 in the drum and bass Beatport chart in the first week and it’s a stomper! Captivating from the first beat “Pressure” kicks off with a symphonic harmony of strings and chords as light vocals echo softly to the drop building the intensity for what’s to come. Melting faces at the drop ChaseR has delivered a technical banger of a track with hard hitting beats running wild over creatively fabricated effects to enhance the beastly bassline that pounds below. The B side to this release is a sic remix of Cause4Concern’s “Seawolf”. A fresh take from ChaseR on this iconic classic hits just right as he maintains integral elements from the original track in combination with modern techniques to transform “Seawolf” into a high energy ball of fire blending past and future sounds to flow with the evolution of drum and bass.
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PRFCT Mandem ‘Formation EP’ [Korsakov Music]
The six track debut EP ‘Formation’ from PRFCT Mandem is available now on Korsakov Music the buzz is big and it’s turning heads as they showcase their bold style with a hard hitting sound. This is the kind of new neurofunk we’ve been waiting for pushing the boundaries in every direction to explore new avenues to move the dance floor. PRFCT Mandem has built a balanced release that has something for everyone.
If high energy, bouncy tunes with intense technical precision are your style check out the eccentric elastic intro on “Oscillation” that drops into a monster tune full of heavy layered drum lines that fire ferociously over bouncy basslines until the entire composition breaks to a bounce. “Jungle is Massive” falls right in line with a groovy intro sporting a slight tribal twist that instantly sets the mood growing furiously mid build with exceptional composition inserting vocals and untamed effects before dropping into the depths of a high energy mechanical beast of a tune. Creeping in, stealthily stalking “Formation” enters dark and mysterious ready to drop jaws to the floor with a bombshell of a drop. Travelling into uncharted territories this is a hardy and heavy neurofunk track with a twist of a jump up vibe. Energy levels skyrocket through the roof as a perfectly blended composition bounces back and forth between heavy kicks, robotic basslines and absolutely mental breaks “Formation” is my top pick from this EP.
There’s a great contrast in the selections on the ‘Formation EP’ and if minimal, experimental dirty drum and bass is more your thing you’ll defiantly want to hear “Dissection creep in on an atmospheric intro to drop into a minimal, grungy, heavily broken track. “Generator” follows suit with an easy build into a dirty broken beat over a dangerous futuristic rolling bassline. A fluid intro with a soft rhythm on “Hit” is light and airy flowing to a compelling drop, extremely broken, that pushes the limits of minimal drum and bass production. It’s clear PRFCT Mandem are proud to exhibit their truly unique style in the entirety of this EP and we can’t wait to hear what they come with next.

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HEKTIC ‘CommandShip EP’ [Viral-Mental Records]
Last but certainly not least is one to watch for coming this July from HEKTIC on Viral-Mental Records is the ‘CommandShip EP’ full of old skool flavor, big jungle vibes and the heaviest of amen breaks. This is the kind of EP we can’t get enough of, each and every tune is bursting at the seams. A striking feminine vocal rides soothingly over the build setting the stage for “Want Me” to be an instant hit. A smooth and relaxed track the jungle vibes flow on a rolling bassline under clean amens as the vocal carries the tune. HEKTIC kicks things up more than a notch or two as “Commandship” snaps in hard supplying heavy amens on the intro with an exuberant broken beat. Interstellar effects and vocal samples are essential accents preparing for the blast at the drop as huge bass is set to smash the place revisiting the epic intro amens with the effects playing in and out for the duration of the composition. “This Style” eases in a bit lighter on the synths but the hard hitting kicks aren’t too far behind with a new blend of tasty amens and light vocals to amp the contrast for a colorful build. A monster impact on the drop boasts dynamic breaks over big bursts of heavily layered body shaking bass and hard clean snares. “This Style” is the classic jungle sound we’ve been searching for with a modern approach to production; I personally cannot get enough of this one! Wrapping up the ‘CommandShip EP’ “Juice” comes stomping in with more snapping beats and a slight reggae vibe. Deep, long rolling basslines that climb and fall through the octaves to keep the vibe grooving and blending the beats with precision. HEKTIC has generated a substantial release in the ‘CommandShip EP’ fit for a true Junglist’s collection keep an eye out for the Juno Exclusive July 3rd you won’t want to miss this!
Juno download exclusive July 3rd  and available everywhere July 17th!

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