MV & Bobby ‘We Need Monsters’ [Kosen Production]

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

MV & Bobby deliver an astonishing EP on Kosen this week packed with intense, dark dance floor energy. Hard hitting neurofunk vibes composed fiercely and fashionably to sway the trends and smash the dance with innovative genre bending style; MV & Bobby both pull their unique sounds into this EP in an extraordinary collaboration to create a literal monster they are about to unleash into the world of DNB.


Solemnly somber synths strike the build to motion, trudging through the darkness, conjuring the rhythm to life with eerie energy seeping through. The bass bellows as the suspense grows… sometimes what the world needs IS a monster and “We Need Monsters” fills this void spendidly. A quick vocal sample flips the drop into action as powerhouse basslines twist ingeniously with the beats snapping and popping, broken furiously devouring the composition in an angry orchestra of sound. MV & Bobby are entering an advanced level of technique; thick, full and intense this is NeuroFILTH!


A precarious intro stumbles into a solid beat. Intensity lingers as the warm tones grow, marching through the build with a militant vibe. A surge of power suggests the drop is near, winding to new heights as “Bullet” is about to shatter the mix. Zealous energy unfolds in an upbeat onslaught of punchy kicks and relentless melodies that steamroll through the phrases. The bassline reports, snapping sharply as it bounces along. “Bullet” is a dance floor KILLER! Heavy artillery for the mix!


A dynamic intro brings a symphonic feel to the build in an angry orchestra seeping with power, eager to attack. Ttttaaassssttttyyy! The bell tolls on this delictably delicious steppy track. Chunky basslines wobble and stomp with crunchy beats blasting a seriously destructive tone. Brilliant breaks and booming basslines will get the floor jumping as MV & Bobby mix up their styles, feeding the delicious desires of dirty DNB in this “Tasty” collab.

Grab your copy of ‘We Need Monsters’ from MV & Bobby out tomorrow on Kosen Production. CLICK HERE!



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