MV ‘Eren Jaeger EP’ [Kosen Production]

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Reviews, Tunes

Get ready for an overcharged anime inspired release this week on Kosen from MV. The ‘Eren Jaeger EP’ has three powerfully potent tunes to unleash the beast within. Let’s dive right in!



A swirling atmosphere sets it off with the suspense thick, lingering in the air. The tension is so thick you could slice it with a knife as the build bubbles cutting into a quick vocal clip that snaps into the drop. MV’s signature style shines as “Eren Jaeger” smashes out chunky basslines and aggressively broken beats stacked with samples and effects that really crank up the heat! Dwindling into the break darkness evolves as “Eren Jaeger” switches to a melancholy melodic groove, continuing to move the room. The second drop delivers more neuro power for the crowd to devour. Don’t miss the valor that “Eren Jaeger” delivers.


“Run” cascades into the mix bringing a snappy beat swinging in. An alarming broadcast cuts the sound alerting the danger to be found as “Run” fizzes up into the drop. Adrenaline pumping neurofunk awaits with MV’s boiling hot rhythms surging through the phrases supported by ravenous basslines booming to rumble the bins. A colorful composition animates this tune flipping and switching to annihilate the room with an authoritative yet smooth neruo groove. Keep it tuned to the second drop for a wicked half time stomp!


A playful build teases a mischievous melody as the beats grind in with a seriously sinister groove. An eerie essence lingers in the air as the drop is prepared to detonate without a care. Aggressive beats flow wildly with snappy snares and chunky bass. The melody continues to tease the mix escalating to new heights. MV keeps the composition fresh and funky evolving the sounds with new flavor in every measure. Drop number two supplies the blood pumping four on the floor to get the crowd moving on the dance floor. “Sex In Your Mind” is one of a kind!

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