MV ‘Make Noise’ [Kosen Prod]

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MV is about to strong arm the scene with his latest release on Kosen this week. ‘Make Noise’ is  a stacked with three equally energizing tracks maintaining focus on clean, intelligent production comprised of thick, booming neuro sound. MV relentlessly delivers a complete package; ‘Make Noise’ flows perfectly through the mix with each track bringing unique elements in their own design keeping the pace pumping and the bins thumping. It’s time to make some noise! 

Make Noise

Deep tones oscillate into the intro teasing the melody into the mix. Crying through the build the intensity grows teasing the highs, humming in harmony, over the steady lows as the rhythms rise to attention filling the build. ‘NOISE’ … A vocal booms and cuts the composition as the sparks turn to flames spreading toward the drop. Time to “Make Noise” as MV launches the most wicked basslines into the mix greedily ravishing the dance floor as the kicks pop and melodies carry through, twisting and warping as the path continues to flip with creative patterning and spot on effects. An extended break rebuilds the suspense revisiting key elements from the intro driving deep into the grinding neurofunk once more. MV keeps things moving and while there’s a tremendous amount of sound design incorporated into this track it blends and melds perfectly in the mix, pleasantly filthy “Make Noise” rides right on the edge of dance floor friendly neurofunk to boost any DJ set.


Roll To Up

Deep in the darkness pops of sound ricochet sneaking up to a rhythm that ravages the build. Accentuated breaks bring color as the energy escalates to the drop cutting and snapping a vocal sample to set the floor in motion. “Roll To Up” glides through the mix electrifying the crowd with a fury of sound swiping and slashing between highs and lows as the bassline grows. A steady bounce formulates firing from all sides as MV introduces crafty bass design. Crystal clean fills, amped up atmospherics and an unforgiving approach makes this crisp, banging neurofunk. The second drop brings even more flare as the bassline pulses making the dance floor hop. Technical and intelligent MV brings energy, stamina and class moving towards iconic drum and bass with “Roll To Up”.


Culture Shock

A splash of sound echoes all around melting into a melodic groove as warm tones wrap the build. MV whips the senses into overdrive as “Culture Shock” whips, snaps, thumps and breaks to the drop. A stabby funk flows through this track hitting hard from every angle with a peculiar feeling of comfort and security as it pummels some more. Vibrant effects create an entrance to a new dimension of sound as “Culture Shock” unfolds in vibrating bounds of beats that stretch and breaks in a whirlwind of superior sound design. Maximum firepower is unleashed as the composition thrashes and smashes and the bass dives low deviously drowning the floor with sweeping sounds to submerge the room into the next level of drum and bass.

Get your copy of MV’s ‘Make Noise EP’ out now on Kosen!


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