Myselor ‘Rave Magic EP’ [C4C Limited]


Check out this fresh fire from Myselor, the ‘Rave Magic EP’ is out now on C4C Limited jam packed with four smashing tracks to keep in the crate ready to ramp up the energy in the rave when we can get back to doing what we all love.
“Funky Shit” ticks in playfully laying the groundwork for a very colorful composition to come. Deep, daring basslines build and the snares kick hard to a massive pre-drop roll that sends the excitement through the roof. There’s plenty of funky, dirty, electric energy in this track as it bounces along twisting and turning at every measure. Myselor exhibits creativity in layering and alternating elements to keep “Funky Shit” fresh and flowing between experimental breaks, big bassy effects, solid rolls and epic flares this tune is jam packed and we haven’t even hit the break down. The second half is even wilder as Myselor enhances the core elements of this track making it a massive rave weapon. “Funky Shit” is a serious journey in a single drum and bass track.
A robotic chant kick starts “Rave Magic” with power morphing into a solid build as synths and snares take control to skyrocket the energy into the devious drop. Heavy on the drums and very technical Myselor is not producing your basic neurofunk dnb. Beastly bass with a solid, broken beat there’s still a lot of variety in this piece and the sporadic piano keys really enhance the mood creating a well thought out, danceable track that mixes well and will move the room.
A longer intro on “Thriller” is a perfect catalyst to set the tone in this tune to further explore the interesting artistry behind Myselor’s writing style. Molding the atmosphere to fulfill the title it’s a real “Thriller” as soft percussion and synths ease into the track building eerily until a scream breaks the silence. Sinister whispers carry the mood as the suspense intensifies pounding harder and faster to the monster lurking at the switch. Elastic and electrifying the bass bends and twists under a solid beat as massive drops pound through this tune twisting and growling with fury. A hard and heavy neuro track “Thriller” pounds big time while remaining very playable in the mix. There’s a great balance throughout the track leaving room to explore different avenues to utilize that energy and keep the crowd dancing.
An adrenaline filled build in “Stubborn” amps the excitement in the mix increasing the intensity with every beat as it morphs and grows breaking the beats until we’re blasted with a wicked roll into the drop. Creative patterning on the composition of the drums enhances other percussive elements Myselor fits together flawlessly with timely placed samples to bring color into the mix. All in all the ‘Rave Magic EP’ is a massive release that stands out from the crowd with the complex artistry in the way these tunes are composed. Keep an eye on Myselor, we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more.

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