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Artist Love Spotlight

This is an article where I spotlight an artist I’m feeling to show some love to these badmon selectas out here putting in work and keeping the dream alive!

This week we have….


Brief Interview:

Native Impulse: “How was it playing drum & bass when you first started playing? Did you always spin purely Drum & Bass?”

Dropset: “I started with just buying random records off of friends that also DJ’d so I had a good mix of different genres. A few years later I ended up going to a Dara show and fell completely in love with DnB.”

Native Impulse: “So you are currently living in and representing Drum & Bass in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. Are you a Pittsburgh native?”

Dropset: “Yep born and raised about 25 minutes east of the city.”

Native Impulse: “Pittsburgh was once a prominent staple in the Drum & Bass scene here stateside. How was it from your point of view watching things change so drastically over the years from 412DNB/FUZZ running one of the longest running weeklies in America to Drum & Bass slowing down almost to halt?”

Dropset: “Popularity of DnB has definitely ebbed and flowed, but the fact that it’s been around for so long speaks volumes. Popularity of electronic music in general is at an all time high, which is a great thing for us. I personally love when I’m the only drum n bass DJ booked for a predominately dubstep event. It gives me the opportunity to expose people to the genre we all know and love. With all of the sub genres in drum n bass there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. I love when someone comes up to me after a show and says “I don’t even like drum n bass but I loved your set.” Popularity of DnB is of no consequence to me. I have a passion for it and I will continue to push our sound for as long as I can.”

Native Impulse: “We see you have had several free downloads and had a home with the stateside label Mechanical Advantage for quite some time. What are your most current releases and what do you have dropping here in the near future that has been announced?“

Dropset: “I haven’t had a label release since my last Mechanical Advantage release as TKinz. I went back to the drawing board to try to level up my production skills and rebranded myself as Dropset. It’s only been a few free downloads as Dropset but my first label release will be in early October on Tactical Audio. After that I’ve got a few coming out on Nervosa and I’ve got one on the Abducted Recordings 10 year anniversary compilation.”

That being said. Look out for Dropset making huge waves in the future and helping to pave the way, make a mark in our community, and help to further push Drum & Bass music! Below are links to his social media accounts and his latest track dropping on Tactical Audio!




Tactical Audio:


Abudcted Recordings:

Mechanical Advantage:

Here is a preview of Dropset – Flashback/Time Under Tension Forthcoming on Tactical Audio hot with a techy minimal but yet hard hitting form to break dancefloors and send the neurofunk crowd into disarray!


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