NC-17 – City on Fire/Mr. Saturday + Bonus Film Scores Chat.

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NC17 has been grinding away over the past decade producing some fantastic quality Drum and Bass. He’s had releases on some of the biggest record labels in the game along with his own imprint GrindHou5e Audio. This time around he is back on the legendary Viper Recordings with some fantastic tunes in the rollers department. My favorite cut is Mr. Saturday which we will be taking a closer look at here.

Mr Saturday Night starts its tone with ticking hats and a blast of low end horns which quickly brings the energy level up to 10 before the vox samples come in. The track winds up into the drop where an onslaught of winding amen’s tear through the soundscape with a deep billowing bass line to round out this oldschool fuelled thriller of a tune. Laser sharp effects balance the quick fills and complete this track as a formidable dance floor weapon.

For those of you who don’t know NC-17 is a film buff where he draws alot of influence for his productions. I asked him what his top 5 film scores were to get some insight on such influences.

My top 5 favorite film scores.

  1. Once Upon a Time in America

    Some might disagree but I consider Once Upon a Time in America as Sergio Leone best film & his all time greatest masterpiece. But one of the main elements that make a brilliant film is Ennio Morricone epic score.  It’s a score takes us on a journey with these characters through a epic story of friendship & crime spanning over 4 decades. Though Once Upon a Time in America is brilliant I am not sure I would see it as high as I do without it’s epic score by the G.O.A.T of film composers Ennio Morricone.

  2. Halloween

    Halloween score was one of the film score that I found the most inspiring as a musician. Composed by John Carpenter who by the way is also the director of Halloween. What makes it so effective is it minimalism.  It’s minimalistic score is what makes the suspense in Halloween on the same level as films such as Psycho & Jaws. This score shows you that some times less is more and can be more impact full. Kind of the same way I see making music. Less is more. Let the basics do the talking

  3. Zombie

    Well Zombie may not be considered high art or at the same level as a Federico Fellini picture. But this Italian horror exploitation piece is a gem. Directed by Italian film maker Lucio Fulci & scored by the great Fabio Frizzi. Fabio Frizzi’s work may be one of the most influential composers for me because he was a master of creating atmosphere. In many cases on his other films his scores are what made them so great. But Zombie for me probably has one of the most epic scores for any exploitation film ever made… You can hear a lot of his influences in my work.

  4. Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver I consider to be one of the best films of all time.  If you asked me today who is your favorite film maker of all time it’s easy. It’s the one and only Martin Scorssesse.  Scored by great Bernard Herrmann, it perfect captures the grittiness of New York & the madness of its main character. Whenever I visit New York his score runs through my head… Very eerie

  5. The Shinning

    Stanley Kubrick’s the Shinning may be one of the scariest films ever made. But I am not sure it would nearly as affective without its score. It’s score is a brilliant slow progression of a journey into madness.


Overall this one for me is a must have in the DJ tool department bringing a huge versatile sound. This ones out now on Viper and you can check it out here. Big ups to NC-17 for being a good sport!

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