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Neibex is rolling out the punches on Bass Rabbit Recordings with his latest release, the ‘My Hatchet EP’ that is now available everywhere. Overflowing with brutally banging neurofunk pairing up with producers such as Katto, Rheus5 and Massent the ‘My Hatchet EP’ is sure to supply a murderous drum and bass vibe as each track hits just as hard as the last.

Title track “My Hatchet” featuring Katto sets the bar high for this album in this energetic, upbeat dance floor smasher. Funky brass tones blast in swaying suspensefully to the beat. Adrenaline runs high as the melody builds under fierce vocalizations prepared to drop into an all out massacre. Basslines chop and hack retaliating amidst extreme drum patterning and ultra insane fills as the vocalizations re-enter to amp the energy even more. Creative breaks in the beats are built to snap necks as “My Hatchet” continues the carnage bounding through the measures set to make the dance floor move.

“Overtime” featuring Rhesu5 utilizes creativity in sound sampling through the intro as a steady beat builds between monstrous, mutant sounds. A massive bass drop brings back the vocal sample as the build generates enough energy to blast off. Rocketing through the measures with powerful force “Overtime” supplies the thickest mechanical basslines that womp and wallop with brutal force as the rhythm rides steady in a broken two step beat. Pristine effects are scattered throughout making “Overtime” a great track for heavy layering adding color to the mix.

Pairing up with Massent on “Delirious” the two utilize atmospheric elements building patiently as the rhythm springs to life. Hazy vocalizations play with the perception of time as the drop explodes out of nowhere a powerhouse of deep kicks amidst a raging rhythm that pounds fast, furious and with ultimate force. The highs run rabid solidifying the kill as “Delerious” continues to wind and play tricks on the mind.

“Useless” brings Katto back into the mix stacked with heavy beats through the intro creatively patterned striking and snapping only to break as the bass blasts in to complete the build. Dropping deep into the abyss smashing this way and that with subsonic basslines and a strong industrial vibe “Useless” pairs hard hits with growling lows to produce a severe weapon for the DJ arsenals worldwide.

A sparse and hollow build on “Detected” featuring Massent leaves all eyes on the drop where rubbery basslines rebound between measures as burly beats retaliate ravenously. An unforeseen flip to the formation in the composition rocks between brutality in the bass with a less complex beat. Variety and color in the composition keep “Detected” on the move and it’s sure to do the same for the floor as it smashes through the mix. Keep it running through the second drop for an insane twist as “Detected” pummels into a mean half-time treat.

Wrapping up the ‘My Hatchet EP’ Neibex brings us “Demolish” featuring both Katto & Massent combining forces to wrap up the EP with a BANG! Gliding in on a docile twist something suspicious is lurking in the shadows as all attention snaps to the beat. Growling bass consumes the drop roaring savagely between broken beats grinding on with fury and fire as “Demolish” ravages on. The deep tones command control as the intricate drum lines blast through with precision morphing with devious delight as it fulfils the dangerous vibe.

Grab your copy of the ‘My Hatchet EP’ from Neibex on Bass Rabbit Recordings available now on Juno Download .

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