Neonlight – Bad Omen (Kontrakt Remix) [Free Download]


Greetings and welcome drum and bass crew. There is a new free download by the on like Kontrakt. An awesome remix of Neonlight‘s original track Bad Omen. Kontrakt has been in the production game for around 10 years plus. Dropping tracks like Pheonix on the old school gaming website and underground music outlet New Grounds and other recent free downloads on his SoundCloud. Over the span of his work you can hear his production skills gradually increase with every upload. And this latest remix showcases just how far he has come in his craft. Little is known about the producer but one thing we know for sure is that this tune is bangn’!

Kontrakt’s take on Bad Omen is nothing short of a respectable compliment to the original. Starting of with close to the same intro as the original but a bit different when it comes to the drum processing and adding in vocal chops before the drop. Now variation to the sound of bass design at the drop and throughout the main phrases. Tight compression and Kontrakt’s  touch of processing pushes the original far enough yet stays true to the sound. Sharp high end synths cut through the mix and raise the energy of the overall vibe. A bass invigorated break builds up with the vocal sample “Omen” repeatedly pitched up into a half time drop smashes the waves back into the main verse once again. You can download and stream this track here.


About Author

I am a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer based in Laredo TX. Looking to spread the vibe to people who love Drum and Bass music. I've been inspired by the likes of 90's alternative rock and Electronic music and have been DJ/Producing since 2019.