Neonlight & Black Sun Empire-Scarface[Blackout Music]


Greetings fellow Drum and Bass family. We now bring forth a brand spanking new track by Neonlight & Black Sun Empire, Scarface. This fresh new release is their last single off of their upcoming album. Now set to release later this month and we cant wait. Neonlight is no stranger when it comes to the Blackout Music Label. Having released many singles and EPs with the label including an album way back in 2016. And he’s adding on another banger with a collaboration along side Black Sun Empire. These talented artist will keep the crowd rock’n on precise drums and buzzing basslines with this one.

Say hello to my little friend! Scarface is a track that stands out in its own sound and vibe. An intro gets you ready with melodic and arpeggiated synths. The kicks start pumping and more rhythmic elements are added. Then it builds up to the drop with more jittery sound effects. Now the drop hits and you look like the man himself with a bass face and gunfingers. The driving bassline features heavy sub and bright clean mids with tasty distortion. On top of that we have clear crisp precision percussions and superb kick and snare. Before the break we hear a bass line progression that adds more to the rhythm. The break is very different from the intro witch is a fresh take compared to most Drum and Bass tracks and brings us back to that banging bassline. Scarface is available as a single to listen or stream here.




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