Neonlight – Critical State

by | May 4, 2016 | Tunes

The duo that is NEONLIGHT have just told a tale of epic proportions , a space adventure like none that have came before it in the past. This is a story told from their ” My galactic tale ”
album. This is the future.

Critical state starts off with melodic high pitched synth reminiscent of a very tweaked horn of sorts cutting through the atmosphere. Marching esque drums that would almost sound like a military procession in the way they dance. Suddenly a new synth introduced causing a great eruption of energy into the drop. Heavy reese bursts into the mix aggresively taking over the soundscape. Neonlight’s signature laser sharp main leads fight back for control of the battle. The tune breaks as a radio transmission is trying to signal its way thru quickly interrupted by a vocal speaking ” critical state “. The second drop cuts the time and a jumpy break slows it down , and an infectious groove takes back the spotlight. Its not clear who won the battle this time.

This massive 16 track EP from NEONLIGHT is not to be missed. This for me is touching peak levels of incredible sound design and imagination in drum and bass. The idea of space travel and battles is one that i am influenced from in my Djing and everyday life. The whole album really puts you in a place where you can imagine such realms of another galaxy. Having listened to the full album through and through this for me is my favorite album of the year hands down. #Mygalactictale is out the 6th of May at major online retailers.
What will your galactic tale be ?

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