Neonlight – Denunziant (Finalfix remix) [Blackout Music NL]

by | Jun 24, 2023 | Tunes

Hello to all my drum and bass people! Today we are sharing a killer new remix. Get your ear drums ready for Finalfix‘s remix of Denunziant by Neonlight on Blackout Music NL. Since the beginning of last year with his releases The Devils Advocate and Arrival he has been catching the attention of fans and artist everywhere. Following up with a wicked collaboration along side Sinister Souls. To give us Omnigod on Hanzom Music. And yet another release on Symbiotic Records. Giving us Tampered With and Fatter Disk. Throughout 2022 he continued with his journey. Working with more remixes and landing a solo album on Blackout Music. Released later that year in December with Hope Is Lost EP. We continue to wait on edge for what he will serve up next in the coming years.

Denunziant (Finalfix remix)

This track is utter filth! So we could not expect anything less from this monster of a producer. Going in we hear rhythmic bass and an eerie one shot. Continuing the build up impacts introduce some heaviness and weight. Now layered with some high end synth and chords. The initial sounds are slowly cut off to make way for some grungy bass. Next leading up to the drop with a punchy kick. Forward to the drop we are met with angry bass lines and fully fledged drum patterns. Next we hear more high end progression and sound design. High pass filters and cutoff modulation wreck havoc throughout. All while the deep basslines roll with rage and up to the break. Meeting up with mad melodies and mental breaks. The second drop goes even harder. Progressing through the low end to satisfy you bass face needs.

The single track is featured on Neonlight’s Vanity Fair Remixes which was released on the 23rd and is available to stream and purchase here!

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