Neonlight ‘Kinski/Triumph’ [Blackout Music NL]


What better way to start 2022 than with the news that Neonlight will be dropping an album on Blackout this year?!?! Following up the first single from the highly anticipated release “Hero Of My Youth”, paying homage to their heroes with an intensely upbeat tune, Neonlight just unleashed “Kinski” and “Triumph”, teasing the scene with a few more scores as the excitement for the full tracklist grows. Let’s get into the latest from Neonlight on Blackout now!

Get ready for “Kinski” to kick your F*%K!*G face in!! Bubbly synths are echoed through the intro animating the composition as the beat rises to life, pounding with a tribal flare as mystic melodies build in tandem. Nonstop energy arises as the drop brings an unexpected twist flowing with furious aggression as ridged broken beats jump between bellowing basslines, the high ends keeping the energy elevated as “Kinski” stomps through the measures. Another boost skyrockets this song before winding down into a swift break as it snaps back into the bulk of the track winding out on manic rhythms as Neonlight ultimately have created a very complex and colorful tune.

“Triumph” brings more of a bouncy, melodic groove as warm, dark synths skate through the build frothing and surging as they grow intensely humming through the intro with vicious vibrations as the effects build and swirl. The drop delivers a funky flow with thick basslines that spiral through the measures ricocheting as they bounce and bolt amidst dynamic harmonics that softly tease the mood. “Triumph” offers a steady, energetic flow that will make the floor bounce, glide and glow.

Pick up your copy of “Kinski” and “Triumph” from Neonlight on Blackout today!

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Check out the first single from the album, “Hero Of My Youth”:


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