Neonlight – Triple B [Blackout]

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Tunes

The boys are back at it again with a brand new double-sided EP.  I can honestly say I’ve never disliked a release by Neonlight, or Blackout Music for that matter, and Neonlight’s first single off their forthcoming album My Galactic Tale seems to follow suit (The track is technically already out on an EP titled Triple B / Bad Omen).  Everything about this track is fun and the intro foreshadows this with abundance.  “Triple B” is as clean as it is groovy.  The mix-down is absolutely perfect and the triplet drum pattern makes it an irresistible dance-floor smasher.  Shrill metallic synths ring out on top of every other snare while razor sharp bass grinds back and forth between kicks.  A vocal sample yells “Drop!” and the energy levels only increase.  A nineties-rave’esque stab pitches upwards while more vocal samples join the party.  Eventually, the song reverts to the original melody that lead up to the drop and the song finally breaks down.

Overall, I love everything about this song, from the silly triplet-jump-up drum patterns, to the masterful bass synthesis.  I would encourage everyone to check out the B-side “Bad Omen” and the free track “Microbots” that Neonlight released through Soundcloud… and just about every other Neonlight release if don’t already have it.

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