Nepo – Chocolate / Crazy [Spectre Audio]

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Tunes

There comes a time for a lot of people in the Drum and Bass community where being a fan is simply not enough Drum and Bass action. These crazy individuals may take up DJ’ing / production, event promotion, or maybe even write for DnB websites. Such is not the case for Danny “Dubplate” Cootes. Cootes, the leader of the Playaz Recordings street team and long time dubplate ambassador on soundcloud (click here for the heaviest Jump Up dubs, daily!) takes another step up the ladder with his new label, Spectre Audio. Taking advantage of his unique position in the Jump Up scene, the first offering from Spectre showcases a relatively unknown artist by the name of Nepo.

Just because he is an up-and-coming producer doesn’t mean there isn’t some serious fire at hand here. Nepo, a 22-year old Hungarian producer, comes out of left field flexing tough with tunes ‘Crazy’ and ‘Chocolate’. As hilarious as the Will Ferrell sample from Old School is, ‘Crazy’ is one serious tune! You’ll want to keep this tune in rotation if you like to cause a good bass face in the dance. ‘Chocolate’ is a straightforward dancefloor beast, stomping drum patterns highlighting the unique crunch that Nepo is sure to become known for. This is a serious piece of work for a first release, and we can’t wait to see how Nepo evolves his sound in the future. Bigups to both Nepo and Cootes, here’s wishing the best for Spectre Audio!

‘Chocolate’ and ‘Crazy’ are available December 7, 2015. Follow Spectre Audio on Soundcloud and Facebook to keep up with new releases!

Nepo is going to make big noise in the future, keep up with him on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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