NERVƎ ‘Kitchen Fight EP’ [Shell Shock Recordings]

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

The latest from NERVƎ is out now on Shell Shock Recordings with the ‘Kitchen Fight EP’. If you’re on the hunt for some last minute tracks to intensify your Halloween sets be sure to snag this one up quick! A well rounded release bursting with nasty neuro vibes you need to get these in the mix! Let’s check it out…


Synths hum to life over a light rhythm that fumes more furiously as the kicks pop through the mix preparing to terrorize the drop. Banging basslines barrage the composition on a sic delayed drop that immediately flips into a funky neuro number bouncing and stomping all over the floor. Clever switches and beat patterns keep flavor in the mix as the crispness of the track flows fluidly on those groovy broken beats. “Kitchen Fight” will draw everyone to the floor and leave them begging for more!


Softly serene stuttered vocal samples flutter through the build staggered between lively beats in an intensely passionate pursuit of the drop. “Callout” flips unforgivingly into an all out assault of angry bass and beastly beats that chop and slice their way through the composition with the slick vocal stutter skipping along. A powerhouse of energy and precision from NERVƎ for full movement on the floor!


A mellow and melodic intro sways to life with sinister synths and snappy beats building cinematically toward the drop as the keys twinkle through the darkness. The drop drives into dangerously delicious neuro vibes flying through the phrases with chunky basslines and vicious beat patterns that prey upon the mix. Darkness bubbles through the lows as the light harmonies float seamlessly though tastefully timed breaks and creative flow in the composition. “Echoes” is a must have track to smash in your set!

Grab the ‘Kitchen Fight EP’ from NERVƎ out NOW on Shell Shock Recordings. CLICK HERE to BUY/STREAM


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