Neville G – See the Stars EP – D-LiQ Records


Lets get straight in with another release from D-LiQ Records, this time from the head honcho and mastermind behind this label, Neville G.

Neville G has a great ear for Liquid Drum & Bass as is evident from all the great releases coming out on his label so we know full well that this release is going to be dripping with funk and melody.

The first track, Don’t Worry kick starts with a beautiful summer like vibe with a lovely funk bass guitar and a vocal which makes you chill out telling you not to worry about a thing. A nice simple rhythm from the beat leads you through the intro with a wonderful prolonged brass sample. Once it drops, it really takes you on a driven bouncing experience and I for one had to stick it on in the car with the recent sunny weather we’ve been having in the UK. Window down, arm out and cruising through the countryside loving life. Absolutely cracking track and a welcome return for Neville G!

Next up we have the title track, See the Stars. This has a serene intro with a speaking sample switching to a softly spoken female voice which sets the mood for the drop which is just a wonderful collective of a chilled beat and mellow bassline, complimented by a really gorgeous synth over the top, I feel like I’m in a beach bar at night with some festoon lighting around, a cold cocktail in hand, turning round to see the moon lighting the ocean up surrounded by every constellation possible.

The last track on the EP is very apt with the emergence of spring in the UK in the last couple of weeks, named Spring Time. A lovely bassline which rolls up and down, so cleanly produced and a joy to listen to. There is a great vocal sample too which screams Brazilian festival to me anyway. On the drop you get subtle brass instruments and little vocal kicks in line with the beat which almost hype you up as that rolling bassline continues through in its quality crescendo.

It’s clear to me that Neville G has been honing his style since his last release back at the tail end of 2020 with his Just Another Herb EP and this EP is absolutely wicked!

It’s out now on D-LiQ Records and can be bought here:

Check the clips here too:



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