Best Drum and Bass EPK Service

One time fee EPK – No Subscriptions! 

🥁🔥 Get Ready to Amplify Your Beat with Our Electrifying Drum and Bass EPK Service! 🌟 No Subscriptions, Just One-Time Magic! 🚀

Hey there, Music Maestros! 🎶 We’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking EPK service, tailor-made for the pulsating world of Drum and Bass. As we’re just kicking things off, stay tuned for exciting updates, tweaks, and dazzling enhancements in our offerings! But first, let’s dive into our electrifying vision:

Every stage-rocker needs an EPK – it’s your golden ticket to the spotlight, whether you’re just launching your journey or already dropping beats that make the crowd go wild. Our mission? To supercharge this essential tool with a laser-sharp focus on Drum and Bass talents globally! 🌍 Our dream is to craft not just an EPK, but a digital masterpiece – a sleek, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly showcase of your musical prowess. And hold on, there’s more! We’re gearing up to launch a comprehensive directory that will make you the talk of the town – from promoters to podcasters, fans to industry insiders, they’ll all have you on their radar. Plus, hitch a ride on our SEO-optimized platform that’s a magnet for Drum and Bass aficionados – talk about hitting the high notes! 🚀

Curious about the look and feel? 🤔 Feast your eyes on the first profile, masterfully designed by our own Bad Syntax right here:


Now, let’s drum up the details on pricing 🥁

For a limited time, seize this deal at a one-time fee of just $65 USD. But wait, let’s break it down:

This isn’t just a price tag; it’s your all-access pass to getting your page set up, plus a round of content revisions to ensure everything’s pitch-perfect. Your EPK will echo the style of our example (with more custom-tailored options coming soon). And if you’re craving a unique vibe, we’re on standby to craft a bespoke design for an additional fee.

Here’s the deal: Your content stays pristine and secure under our watch – no self-edits, but only because we’re obsessed with safeguarding our site and keeping your wallet happy. Need a tweak or two? We’ve got you covered for a nominal $15 USD per half-hour. This way, we ditch the subscription model and you only pay when you need a refresh – now that’s music to your ears! 🎧

So, are you ready to hit the stage with a bang? Let’s make some noise and put your Drum and Bass journey on the map – where it rightfully belongs! 🌟🎉

Here is everything you’ll need!

You will need a few things. To the right is a quick checklist, below is a bit more information where needed. You can see the example page linked above to see where all these pieces fit!


We will need 1 square, and 1 horizontal formatted image, min 1200px for both. If you do not have a header video to use, you can also provide a horizontally formatted 2500px wide image to use there.

Links for buttons:

We reccomend using this for primary sources of promotion for your music, such as where you sell music, and primary social media outlets.

Embeddable services:

Spotify or Soundcloud would be best here, and if you have a Bandsintown that is active that is great as well.

Non expiring link to EPK ZIP file:

This one is important, we need a link to where to direct visitors to download your EPK ZIP. This should contain photos, logos, and any text you prefer. We reccomend using google drive, but you can use whatever you prefer. NOTE: Anyone found abusing this link will be subject to takedown with no refund (IE directing to anything other than a file containing this information, Infected Files, or the likes)


Artist Name


Label / Affiliates






Links for Buttons


Bio (AI Enhanced Bio available at no cost)


1-3 Embeddable services like Spotify


Non expiring link to EPK ZIP file

Click images to enlarge, or download to see a diagram of all you’ll need to provide.


Get in touch with us! Email us at with any questions, or to get started. Once you’re ready to go, please provide each section in an email numbered 1-10 with the appropriate info by each number according to the graphic above. 

Please keep an eye on this page for updated info as we roll out more information.