‘NEXT GEN // TOXIC MALICE’ [Raving Panda Records]

by | Jan 29, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

Raving Panda is igniting fire in the scene with the third installment in the NEXT GEN series coming in full force with an amped up array of artists on board. ‘Next Gen #3 Toxic Malice’ is overflowing with original style on every track from upcoming producers in DNB just waiting to smash the dance and snap through the mix. Time to get IN ‘Next Gen // Toxic Malice’ from Raving Panda Records.

CPTL PNSHMNT steals the show straight out the gate with “Phantoms” from the first drop it’s a hard track to top and a metric for how massive the release is! Seamless energy flows flawlessly as CPTL PNSHMNT step up their style with this smooth neuro tune stomping, flipping and pounding through the mix with a devastating groove.

Dialective delivers a dose of “Happiness” with snappy beats and aggressive basslines bouncing with ample use of vocal cues and killer effects to set the mood with a switch on the second drop that really pops! Visceral also dials in the dialogue with “The Fallen” incorporating message of madness through forceful beats and a barrage of bass into spine tingling sound design.

IMPEX takes immediate control of the mix as “IED” snaps in with burly beats surging through the build with electrifying force bringing total carnage to the drop which is potent and primed to ignite the dance. Check the second half for some serious stylization from IMPEX. “The Box” from MV is turning some heads, too, with a menacing build and a tremendous mood emitting eerie energy with buoyant basslines that bubble and gurgle while the beats slice and stab savagely to satisfy the hypnotic groove.

Freqax and Formidian bring anxious energy with “Skirmish” teasing the suspense to the ultimate high through the build before blasting the dance floor with a punchy, powerful boost. “Fight Back” from LxT teases a tribal moodiness into the mix to tighten the tension with machine gun blasts of beats and monster energy emitting endlessly for the ultimate effect.

The rest of the bag of bangers still awaits from ‘Next Gen Toxic Malice’:

Don’t miss Crawler‘s dark energy in “Retinal” or Dankai‘s epic tale in “Way of the Warrior”. GU:STUFF controls the crunch with “Hypnosis” and Intersect drives it deep with a dirty roller called “Nuff”. “No More” from Mind Theory blasts powerfully pungent neurofunk through the bins and Phyz Drop‘s “Overclocked” offers a bit of serenity, or so it seems, until the drop rips your face off! Sollist keeps the energy flowing with no room to breathe on “Barrier” and Yimura’s “System Error” consumes the mix with full force and an unforgiving groove. “Mesamune” from The Sun Vanished brings a wild twist to the list with primitive energy and beautifully balanced sound. Vandermou “Wrap Around Me” ties up the ‘Next Gen // Toxic Malice’ nicely with consistent energy and a soft vocal balance that really enhances the technical skill. Check out this enormous release in its entirety available now from Raving Panda Records.


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