Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage – Dub Tickles [ROLLAZ]

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Tunes

Man there are some big tunes forth coming ROLLAZ this year. In March we picked a part Voltage’s tune “Message” also forthcoming ROLLAZ, today we cover a over due co lab from the one Nicky Blackmarket and Voltage. I’ve been rather enjoying these new tunes, these new definition to what a roller is. I expect great things from this ROLLAZ label for all of 2016 as I’m watching it like a hawk. Sub-genre’s are way to specific for some people and I don’t think it is wise to be so hung on one specific one. Looking at the names you would think that this is Jump-Up. It’s all Drum & Bass if you ask me, this one to a “T” specifically. Rhythmic percussion. A bass line so massive it would destroy anyone persons poor excuse for a PA system. It even has horns. Zero electrified tear out sounds. Very healthy drum kit that would make it borderline impossible not to make some sort of movement. Certified banger for the head nod crew.

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