Niterider – Pull Up EP [Liondub Street Series]


Heavy-weight rolling business.

Liondub’s Street Series is one of the longest running and best introductory series’ in the Drum & Bass business. This EP from Niterider, one of Manchester’s finest, represents a return to the roots of the series by once again offering up a solid platform for young talent to shine. Niterider is a next generation, next level producer whose work rate and unique sound is un-matched. 

The tracks on this release sport a ton of groove and funky beats. It’s a feast of dark head-nodders and rollers with Jump-Up and Dub seasonings. The EP gets off to a galloping start with ‘Pull Up‘, a real Manchester collab featuring Visuals, whom we recently mentioned on the Dungeon Kru release.  This track along with ‘Kill Confirmed‘ and ‘Hermit‘ really smack you in the face with their big basslines and unforgiving percussion.

The hooks just smash it out of the gate and they are a surefire nan-smacking good time.

Sprinkled in-between, we have dark head-nodders and funky wobblers like ‘Shots Fired‘ and ‘Illegal Op‘. The former displaying sinister bass gurgles alongside savage drums while the latter is a wobbly, step tune relying on funk and groove to drive home the highly danceable bassline. Niterider really shows style and pizzazz with his transitions and progressions.

‘Codeine Dreams’ is a big, funky, upbeat roller. It’s a real party starter and it exemplifies his signature way of progression. I really enjoy the way he executes bass variations and the way the melody is broken down throughout each of the songs really. Niterider has a fun way of building things up and breaking them down.

Big basslines and savage drums galore on this release.

This EP is a lovely addition to the Liondub Street Series catalog and there are sure to be even more hits coming from this young Manchester artist in the future.

Liondub Street Series Vol. 44 is OUT NOW exclusively at Juno Download!


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