No Escape EP – Euphonique Ft. MC Frost / Mad Rush MC / Guzi [Murky Digital]

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Tunes

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a safe weekend around the craziness! Last week one of my favorite producers, Euphonique, let out another EP called No Escape this time on Murky Digital! The Subwoofah boss, as usual, doesn’t disappoint! If you have not heard of the smashing Euphonique, then hang on! She brings these old skool vibes from those Amen heavy rolling Jungle sounds to the likes of this album, No Escape, with those old darker bass pitch movement heavy DnB tunes. Arguably she is one of the hardest working and well respected DJ/Producers in the DnB Scene for many years now. Lets get into Euphonique’s five track No Escape EP out on Murky Digital!

She kicks it off with The title track of the Album, No Escape, featuring MC Frost. This one kicks off with some mellow not overly done rhymes then into this nasty old skool wobbly bass drop that I just loved. The drums are basic but solid, that clap knock of the snare is perfect for this track. This track is more about the wobbly deep dark bassline. Brilliant track from both these artists!
The Future is up next and this funky intro will grab you! As it builds you think you are going to get this funky almost London Electricity feel to it then it takes that awesome old skool konkret style. It feels very late 90s with the mix between the dark and funky sounds throughout the track. The drops! just go grab a listen to this track!
The 3rd track, Switch Featuring Mad Rush MC, is also produced by Guzi and this track has much more of that Jungle feel to it then the rest of the tracks. Mad Rush MCs vocals again are smooth flows and not overly done. The Bassline like the rest of the EP has that old rolling pitchy sounds to it.
Time to Say comes in 4th on the EP. This track is dope! She gives us a real nice production lesson on how to groove the old with the new. This bassline is epic, I love the wobble and force of it. This track is heavy, smooth, dark, rolling, hard, deep, and makes you want to get up and groove! This was my favorite track of the EP!
The 5th and final track of the EP is a remix of Euphonique’s Damage by Saxxon! This tracks keeps with the old skool feel she has given us throughout. The drums are wicked on this one and so is the fluttering bassline! Fucking brilliant! You need to listen to this damn track!
Overall this Euphonique doe not disappoint with No Escape. The flows of the MC’s were smooth and not overly done. The drums and the basslines throughout the EP set the tone for it all the way. She does a great job mixing the old and the new together. I always enjoy her production and I hope as readers i have turned you onto a great artist that always brings her A-game! An example of this…there is a music video that goes along with the title track No Escape!!


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