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Welcome in all!  Another review/write-up from me Strex, this time talking about the latest offering from the mighty Dirtbox Recordings, a label which is pressing on with the releases this year, this being the fourth one.  The name of this one is The Safari EP.

The artist on this one being Noise Souls, a producer hailing from Argentina, an artist who was unfamiliar to me up until now but having listened to this serious piece of weaponry I’m sorry it’s taken me until now to hear what he has to offer.

Dirtbox Recordings bring you some of the stinkiest neurofunk available to purchase at the moment which brings us nicely into the first track on the EP which is called Brundlefly.  The intro gives an atmosphere you can almost smell as you hear flies buzzing around, you can just picture them in a heat haze and the air thick with whatever carcass these Brundleflies are scavenging off.  The drop is stompy and awesome continuing to bring you that atmosphere which the intro gave you so well.  What a beast of a tune which deserves to be played loud.

Next up we have Carnivorous which has another killer intro that has some slightly offbeat but wicked vocals over the top that lead you to the drop which has an offbeat synth to match the intro.  This has been perfectly excecuted though and makes the tune pretty special.  A bit further through the tune the switch up to an even more echoing sound that takes this up another notch and if your head wasn’t nodding before, it will be now.

Last but not least, keeping well in with that safari theme is Elephant Dreams.  This has a wicked beat on the intro which just gets the head nodding and you an hear elephant cries in the background and a vocal that hits home about how elephants are becoming endangered which emits some empathy towards the magnificent creatures.  This tune is more of a rolling affair which suits the animal in which it is about, there is nothing chaotic about it and so there shouldn’t be.  A really cool tune with some deep and meaningful back story.

What a wicked EP from Noise Souls, I really enjoyed listening to that and I will definitely be dropping some of those in my mixes.  I think my personal favourite is Brundlefly because I love a stomp session but they’re all wicked!

The release is out today on Dirtbox Recordings and you can buy it here:

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