Noisia – Collider (The Upbeats Remix) [Vision Recordings]

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Tunes

The Duo that has made it into my review list more than anyone else. The Upbeats never fail to turn heads with their dimensional approach to Neurofunk. On their latest endeavor they give Noisia’s “Collider” a blazing 172 BPM dance floor rework on the Outer Edges Remix LP.

An overwhelming track from start to finish, the remix boasts a dramatic extended intro. Building through creative reworked elements of the original. the production value of this outing is immediately apparent. As the tune approaches the first dance section, you’re ripped to shreds with a powerful octave drop on the bassline. Tearing mid range elements accompany a powerful morphing low end. A tight 2 step beat makes the track all the more inviting to the dance floor. The track smashes towards the second breakdown with twisted vocals that grow to large scale by the end of the measure.

The Upbeats “Collider” remix is an excellent opening track. It is also prime for encore moments at the end of your set. The tracks epic scale and devastating dance floor impact make it a memorable moment for anyone inside the dance. The Upbeats continue to carry the torch of quality and consistency in 2017. Make sure their “Collider” remix makes it into your next tracklist!

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