NOISIA – Thijs, Nik and Martijn – Thank you and BEST OF LUCK!


Right now the Drum and Bass world is in a bit of shock! Noisia released some news today that they are going to move on individually in their careers. You can read their Facebook post by clicking>>> HERE

Noisia has been around since about 1999/2000 and is made up of the Dutch trio: Thijs, Nik and Martijn.  They own three (3) record labels: Vision, Division, and Invisible Recordings. They even have a collaboration group with Foreign Beggars that goes by I Am Legion.  These have released HUNDREDS of tracks across pretty much every major Drum and Bass label.  These guys have toured the entire world, multiple times!  These guys not only produce Drum and Bass, they also get down on Dubstep, Breakbeats and House music.  They pretty much were one of the first to produce and push the Neurofunk sound.  Currently Beatport has roughly 500 tracks of theirs up for sale that go as far back as 2004 across the bass music spectrum.

Well what does this mean…it means they grew professionally and personally. And for everyone who is saying it is a bad thing…it is not!  Growth is part of life, we all do it, why should they be any different?! For 20 years they have given us some of the most epic tracks Drum and Bass has under its name.  These guys have brought Drum and Bass to the forefront, not only in their home country, The Netherlands, but also all over the world. These guys are cemented in the Drum and Bass world as Legends, and none of that is going to change! This means that we as drum and bass heads get to grow with them and follow their individual projects and collaborations. This opens the door to have 3 highly experienced producers to take the next generation under their wings and create more epic drum and bass with them. Noisia will live on in Drum and Bass forever.

I remember the track that made me stand up, take notice and say..”these motherf*%ckers ain’t playing around”. It was the remix of Konflict’s Messiah! We have had nothing but banger after banger after banger from these guys.  There are so many it is hard to name them all.  And 19 years later they still release massive tracks…look at the Pendulum remix of Hold Your Colour!  Time has made them better.

There really isn’t anything negative to say about their choice to move on from the Noisia name.  It’s been a slamming 20 years for them. I hope all the new stuff these 3 go and do in the solo arena, as well as the collaboration space, is just as massive!

NOISIA…Thank you for everything you have done for the sound loved by millions of people all over the world!

Some of MY favorite Noisia tracks over the years include:

Messiah (the best remix to be honest) | The Veil | Feed The Machine | Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up remix (breaks track) | Dustup | No Reality Remix

To be honest, the list goes on and on.

I’m going to end this by saying let’s try to support them in their choice to grow professional and personally as individuals and not look down on it.  I feel this a positive thing and I can’t wait for the singles and collaborations that are going to come from this! They are going to tour a bit before they call it quits.  If you have not seen them live…DO SO! You will not be disappointed!

Noisia SoundCloud

Noisia Facebook

Noisia Website


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