Noize Komplaint ‘Everybody Jump/First Rule Ft. MC Foxy’ [Boomslang Recordings]


Ragga Scum, Bad Martian, We Bang and ESKR are Noize Komplaint and they are dropping their debut single this week, “Everybody Jump” and “First Rule” featuring MC Foxy, on their own US based drum and bass label Boomslang Recordings; also home to Heist, NC-17, Saxxon and Jaybee. Forthcoming from this fearsome foursome are two heavy hitters that have gotten rave reviews from some of the biggest names in dnb proving these dance floor destroyers pack some serious heat and Noize Komplaint is a name to keep a close eye on.

The highs cut in instantly on “Everybody Jump” bringing the energy to maximum levels running wild from the first beat as they climb and fall over a synthesized orchestra swaying beneath. The kicks blast between a snappy rhythm continuing through this carnivorous carnival formulating the vibe toward an explosive drop that will no doubt send the floor into full motion. Powerfully combining influences from all sides booming bass slides through the measures stretching between bouncy beats as the whirlwind of keys peaks animating the energy to new heights. “Everybody Jump” is a furious dance floor destroyer with an extra fun flare that will flip the floor into a frenzy, a powerful pick to increase the intensity for a smashing mix!

“First Rule” with the legendary MC Foxy is the epitome of high energy, in your face, drum and bass. Sirens wail in fair warning kicking things off with a tinge of old school flare as an upbeat rhythm rides steady welcoming bubbling arpeggios of synthesized keys. An electrifying twist gets things rocking as the first verse from MC Foxy hammers in, brutally confrontational with sic bars that rapt and ricochet to the drop. Exhilarating basslines bounce to enhance the mix as atmospheric elements engulf from all sides with dangerous samples riddled between as the beat ravages along in a rocking, groovy vibe. The energy amplifies once more before flipping to a hazardous halftime tone as MC Foxy returns to finish his fiery flow. The second half wraps up with a clean instrumental giving the DJ the ultimate power to take control of the next phase of the mix. “First Rule” is a supreme selection you don’t want to miss!

“Everybody Jump” and “First Rule” featuring MC Foxy drop this Friday March 26 you can pre-order your copy now on Band Camp now. 



Check out this mix Noize Komplaint aired on CG RADIO!


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